Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Heeeeeeeeeeeey! Hey! Hey! Hey Mom! Welcome to my blog! 


...Yes, well, now that you're done-

*swiftly punches Thalia to get her to stop waving* 


This, is my gift to you on Mother Day. 



March Pathway smashed into the padded wall, shinai flying out of her grip. She quickly spun out of the way as Erebus Donellys hit the wall where she had just been with his own shinai.

March stumbled back, falling on her butt. She sprang up, flipping backwards onto a training hurdle, balancing on the middle.

She stuck out her tongue at her father. “Too slow!”

We'll see about that!” Erebus retorted with a smile, his gaze playful.

March slipped from the hurdle as Erebus launched himself at her, shinai swinging in close. She landed lightly and crouched for a split second before jumping in-between the hurdle, tackling Erebus's legs. March latched herself on to them, laughing.

Erebus bounced on one leg, failing in trying to shake March off.

Speed beats Strength!” March chimed.

Erebus laughed as well. “Oh really?” He fell into March, making the small girl shriek.

March tried to curl off his leg, to no avail.

Get back! Back I say!” she yelled.

Not unless you beg for mercy!” Erebus taunted, picking her up bridal style.

March reached out and poked him in the cheek. “Nah.”

Then I'll make you!” Erebus threw March up, and she shot into the air of the Elysium Asylum's sparring room, where only the two of them were having a practice fight. March could see from the view from the ceiling various weights in one are, more hurdles in another, and an array of weapons hung on the walls. The ceiling was a huge skylight. There was a large area in the middle which was cleared, to be used for practice fighting (However, considering the way March grew up and how Erebus raised her, their fight was scattered throughout the whole room).

Erebus and March were using kendo shinais, which were four pieces of bamboo held together by leather fittings. Also known as a bamboo sword.

As March fell, she felt her normal appearance be 'blown away' as she shape shifted into a startling white snow leopard.

Naturally, she fell on all four of her paws, and watched as a black panther was where her father had once been, blue eyes sparkling with amusement. March un-sheathed and sheathed her claws, her whiskers twitching with anticipation.

Erebus zoomed towards her, low to the ground. When he was a foot away, March jumped over him, landing on the other side. However, Erebus was ready for her, and lashed out with his back legs, taking his weight on his front paws. His legs hit March in the head, and she rolled to the ground, laying on her back stunned.

Erebus quickly leaned over March and pinned her down. But before he could hit her again, she sliced her sheathed claws across the soft flesh of his belly. She wiggled out from under him and shifted back into a human, laughing with a good nature. Her flaming red hair pulled back into a long ponytail, sleeve-less green shirt sticking to her with sweat. Light blue shorts let her move freely, skinny black boots supplied with a cooking ladle slipped into it.

Erebus shifted back into his human form again, lying on his back, winded. He slowly smiled, his midnight black hair in his crystal clear eyes. March's matching crystal eyes met his. Erebus slowly sat up, hiss black t-shirt in the same state as March's sticking to him with sweat. His jeans were slightly ripped in places.

March skipped back as Erebus stood, her pony tail swinging from back to forth.

This is fun!” she said. “We should do this more often!”

Erebus was about to speak when he seemed to spot something behind March. His eyed widened, his mouth hanging open.

March!” He yelled. “Duck!”

March turned around, just in time to see a Hollow Mans fist comes crashing towards her face.

So Naturally, she collapsed and curled into a tiny ball.

The hollow mans fist carried it over March with the momentum, and he tumbled to where Erebus was ready with his fists.

March looked behind herself again, and saw more hollowed men.

She grinned. “It's the return of the paper men!"


...I'm trying to get the...print...nor...mal...


Another part to come soon, with insults you can scream at the hollowed men to annoy them. Sort of. I highly doubt they can register a taunt, but oh well...


  1. WAH!

    *crumples to the floor from Mar's punch*

    Jeez, thanks Mar. You're such a great friend.


    Hi Mar's mom!

    This is awesome Mar! I'm sure that your mom will love it.

  2. *hands Thalia an ice pack*

    Awesome! Love this MAr! Thanks for posting!

  3. *waves to Mar's mum*


    this is a great idea, Mar!

  4. :D (sorry, that's all that i had to say!)

  5. Hello Mar's mom~ I love this little story you wrote! "It's the return of the paper men!" Haha! XD Thank you for making my day so much better!

  6. ~waves~
    Hello, Mar's mom!!

    ~prints story to read in car later~