Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SC (Shugo Chara) FanFiction: Dream Guardians Part Ten

Sorry. No Links. If you're already reading up to this part, you'll know where to find the other parts. 

This part is...I feel its un-realistic. 

But thats just me. 

I have to do a LOAD of work to make it Mar-legable. 

Its a pet peeve I have. I MUST have EVERYTHING I write be REALISTIIIIIIIIIIIC! 


Shana felt powerful. She could feel the nieteno no shana in her grip, her friends beside her. She

The fox boy was in front of them. Shana...Shana felt it. She stopped in her tracks abruptly, and Holo and Erza fought the fox boy without her. She smiled. Wait for the moment...and...NOW! Shana jumped into the air backwards, over Mei, who had been sneaking up on her. She landed on the other side and spun, lashing the nieteno no shana at her. Mei easily backed up, smirking.

Shana lunged, the sword barely missing Mei.

Mei clucked her tongue, shaking her head. “Tsk tsk. I was expecting more.”

Shana clenched her teeth, re-lunging, and missing once more.

Mei leapt back, the sword she had summoned out of nothing earlier disinigrating into nothing. “Well, I suppose I should have seen this coming. After all, you did loose all of your charas! And you weren't trying! I lost my three origonal charas, and I wanted then to go!”

Shana's eyes widened slightly. “Shut up!” She growled.

Mei crossed her arms, shaking her head. “No.” Mei smiled. “Theres a pattern here. In all of our lives, we've grown up together. And...oh. I always have the upper hand!”

Shana said nothing.

“I have a more powerful chara even!” Mei gestured to the small doll-like chara floating besides herself. “Doru.”

Doru curtsied. “Pleasure.”

Shana bit her lip. “You're that little creeper who blew up the window!”

“Shana.” Mei interrupted. “Just give up. We've been having these useless fights since when we were little kids. I'm sure your sick of them. I really am. Who cares if you have a chara or not? You did just fine before you had one. All those little faeries ever did was cause you trouble.”

Shana's free hand curled into a fist.

“I mean really,” Mei continued. “Whats the use of them?”

Shana's grip tightened on the Nieteno No Shana. “There's more to them then you may think.”

“What?” Mei snarled. “So they can make people go insane?”

“You...idiot!” Shana screamed. “You only take the guardian characters for granted! You only care if you have a powerful one! Idiot!”

“Now Shana.” Mei's voice got dangerously quiet. “Let's not yell.”

“You idiot!”” Shana yelled, diving at Mei and throwing the Nieteno No Shana behind her.

Shana gasped slightly as Mei grabbed her by her shoulders, throwing her to the ground. Mei leaned it, whispering.

I'll be waiting on top of the old Christmas company building. Two in the morning. We'll finish this there. Tell no one.”

Mei stood straight, a firm look on her face.

“I'll be leaving now.” She stated quietly. Mei backed away quickly, fading into the back round of trees.

Shana stood up, gritting her teeth. She picked up the nieteno no shana and slipped it into the 'sheath'. It disappeared. “I'll. Be. There.”


Thalia'll post the next part! 


  1. NUU~ Finally! I've been waiting for this forever! Great job on it Mar! (By the way, is it just me, or does nieteno sound a lot like nintendo?)

  2. NO!

    Its 'Nieteno no Shana!'


  3. Awesome job Mar! seems that I have my work cut out for me...

  4. Uh-oh! This doesn't look too good!
    Great writing!