Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cemeteries smell like old lady perfume?!

Kayla Sophia Chrona stepped off the bus, her foot laying lightly onto the road. She looked flatly around the cemetery that was the destination of their field trip, at the various other kids in the thin fog. As Kayla walked forward, her combat boots fended off most of the rainwater from her feet, her black jacket keeping her warm. She put her hands in her jean pockets.

“Ah cemeteries. Smells like dead people...”


“And old lady perfume.”

Kayla turned around to see her friends Emily Starr and Tori Abbot laugh and exchange conversation, like they always did. They had so many inside jokes that it was like they as linked brains and mentally decided on what to say. They even had the same blond hair and green eyes. However, Emily was quite a bit smaller then Tori, as Tori was quite a bit taller then Emily. Kayla remembered when she had fiurst met the two, at a carnival where they were terrorizing a clown.
Today Emily was wearing a purple jacket, and white shorts. She had her blond hair pulled out of her eyes into a braid, a purple hair-band holding it up. Tori, was wearing a green jacket, with black shorts, and had her hair pulled back into a regular ponytail, with a green hair-band holding it up.

Kayla smiled, laying a hand on a tome stone. “So what do graveyards smell like?”

Emily tut-tutted. Tori answered instead of her.

“Silly Kayla. Graveyards smell like dust, zombies, and wet dog.”
Kayla stared at the two as they chuckled, then shook her head in wonder slowly. She pulled her hand off the tome stone, and whipped her hand away as she somehow cut it on the edge, a drop of blood falling onto the stone.


The three girls turned, along with the rest of the 29 kids, to see their wonderful teacher Mr. Fletcher, who always wore a tie and a baseball cap. He said that people who wore ties and baseball caps together in one outfit had class, when other said it was weird (Which summed up what everyone always thought of him). Today he had a periwinkle tie, along with a red baseball cap. It hardly matched with his pinstripe shirt, or his black pants and black shoes. Why he wore that to a cemetery, Kayla had no idea.
Mr. Fletcher clapped his hands together.

“Today, we will be witnessing various tome stones, architecture, and history, all in this wondrous graveya-”

Tori frowned. “But it doesn't smell like wet dog.”

“-rd. So if you would all please follow me up this stone path here, we shall begin our tour.”

Kayla narrowed her eyes, zoning out as Mr. Fletcher began his lecture on the history of a ionic pillar. Rows beyond rows of graves were before her, stretching into oblivion, as far as the eye could see. Kayla looked at the headstones, picking out names she knew.


That was her mom's name. Rachel Chrona. Mrs. Chrona worked as a home Realtor, selling homes by the dozens. But of course not quiet literally. She was a strong woman, who always spoke her mind. She taught Kayla's older sister, Arabella, well. Now Arabella was in a collage across the globe, somewhere in Japan.
Kayla's head tilted up, looking at a tall headstone, and spotted a worn away name.


That was Kayla's dad's name. Arthur Chrona. Kayla never really saw him, because he was always working over seas, in England. Never really there when you need him.
Kayla swallowed tightly, blinking. Her eyes went blurry for a second when she remembered the rest of her family was over seas as well, scattered everywhere but in America, where Kayla and her mom made their home.


Kayla stopped in her tracks, bumping into Tori, who was a few inches taller then her. The two girls had fallen to the back of the group, Emily a bit before them.

Hey, shorty.” Tori said.

Sorry.” Kayla's eyes narrowed. “I'm not short just because your an inch taller then me.”

Tori shrugged. “That's short to me.”

Kayla looked at her dryly as she jogged to the front of the group, catching Emily's hand as she passed by and pulled her along. Kayla lingered at the back, looking at more gravestones.

Darryl Raisor.

Nolan Marafioti.

Penny Chaves.

Kayla Chrona.

Opal Phy-

Kayla quickly ran back to a gravestone in the shape of a cross, her hands flying to her mouth when she saw her name carved there. Kayla Sophia Chrona. She bent down to it, laying her hand on the stone to make sure it was real. But she didn't believe it. She couldn't.

She was dead?!

Kayla sprang from her position, looking frantically at the other markers. There! She saw her name again, over by that big oak tree! Kayla ran past other gravestones, too worried to take note of any of her surroundings. This marker was exactly the same, even down to texture of the rock.

“No...” she mustered.

Kayla sprang up again, this time around a corner created by trees. She tumbled over another identical marker, falling onto the damp grass. Kayla gasped slightly, holding her hand to her stomach.

“Impossible...” she growled. “Impossible!”

Kayla ran to another grave marker, still taking no notice that of her surroundings, of the the gravestone markers that were growing in size and number, the oldest dating 1906. She reached the next one, and saw the death date 1923.

“Liar!” Kayla yelled. “Liar liar liar!”

She bit her lip, the cut on her hand stinging. Kayla laughed nervously.

“You things are useless if you can't even tell the correct information!” she shouted. “Useless!”

Useless, Kayla? I think not.

Kayla stumbled back, falling up against a tall stone. She laughed again. The idea of a gravestone talking to her in her head is ridiculous. It even knew her name.

Yeah? What else can you do!” she shouted.

For example, we can do this.

Kayla screamed as the nearest tome stone exploded, bits of rock blasting into the air. She turned swiftly, hiding behind the stone her back was to. Her eyes showed off pure fear.
But the tome stone that was behind the one she was hiding by exploded as well, blasting into the air. Kayla doubled over, holding her arms over her head. All around her tome stones preceded to explode, but not one rock hit Kayla, sparing her of damage.

“Stop it!” She yelled.

Asa you wish, Chrona.

Then...a pink ninja jumped in front of her.


ha ha ha!

take that, timothy!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger, I have a mission for you. It has two parts. 

One- rate this from one to ten. Honestly. 

Two- give it a title. 

The possible titles I have for it so far are "Ame no Aka", wich is Japanese for Rain Red. OR, just plain old "Rain Red". Could also possibly end up being "Pink Cross".

(You're not allowed to pick those! I FORBID YOU!)



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