Thursday, May 19, 2011


I SAID that I was to be doing another one of these brainstorming posts!

Okay. So this time, I have the ones that won the most votes last time, and a few new ones that I recently thought of...

Oh, and for the new ones I'll do a BIT of a summary, but mostly a sample I put up.)


Story One: A girl lives in a huge community, set in modern day. In this community are artists, mucisians, writers, philosiphers, and anyone who has a endless supply of wit. These people stay away from all the other people un-like them, those from another part of a community.

However one day she finds its all a lie. She's really in a brain stimulation machine, located in a 'insane' institute in a valley somewhere in the northern part of the world. Everyone in her community has their own room, and is hooked up to their own machine somewhere in the Institute. They are all kept there because they have the possibility to take over to world.

Or Destroy it.

(Basically the same thing as last time. But this time, I have a sample...)

Sample: Errr...well, you see, I actually couldn't think of any samples...

Pros: I can possibly see a future in it...once I have dinner. But until then...

Cons: Darn! No Sample!


Story Idea Two: The H-Tardis (Hellboy Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) expariment!

How will we turn Hellboy back to normal? Well let's at least have a little fun with it first!

Ha Ha Ha...!

Sample (prologue, really...):


Joe turned around slightly from the TV when he heard his blogger screen name being called. A small girl who looked about 12 years old (who also had blazing red hair) walked into the room.

"What? What is it Mar?" He asked, distracted. "I'm watching the Doctor!"

"Your watching the Doctor? Why didnt you-"

"Wait a did you even get here?" Joe kocked his head slightly, voice growing worried.

Mar waved him away. "Never mind that."

" live in live in OHIO..." Joe pestered the girl that he had been talking to online.

"So? Hey, what episode is this?"


"Oh no matter!" Mar threw her hands in the air. "I'll still watch it!" she ran over to where Joe was sitting on his couch, sitting next to him.

"But Mar-"

"Shhhhh! I'm watching it."




"Hush Child."

"March!" Joe snapped, leaping up from the couch.

"What?" Mar asked, slightly annoyed, not taking her eyes away from the screen.

"How on earth did you get here?Did you find Fetcher or someone? Is Skulduggedy Pleasant real? Did anything happen that I should be concerned about?!" Joe's voice grew more worried, and he shouted the last sentence.

"Rob let me in." Mar said shortly.

"...My dad let you in?"

"And he told me to call him Rob."


Mar blinked. "I wish I could make the noise the Tardis makes."

Joe stood there. "What?"

Mar looked at Joe, her face lit up with excitement. "Can you make the noise the Tardis makes Hellboy?"


"Really? Cool!"

"But I don-"

"Do it!"

"Huh? Well okay..." Joe took a deep breath. "Oooh-wee-ooh...oo-we-oo-oo-oooo!" Joe stood there proudly.

Mar leapt up, Grinning wildly. She sprang at Joe, giving him a hug. "COOL! DO IT AGAIN!"

Joe stepped back, gasping slightly for air. "Hooh-hwe-hooooh, hoo-hweee-hoo-hoo-hoooooo....."

Both Skulduggery Fanatics gasped. As Joe made the sound, he started to fade, Mar fading with him.

"WHATS GOING ON?!" Mar cried, gripping Joe tighter.

However all Joe could do was make the Tardis noise.

"Hooh-hwe-hooooh, hoo-hweee-hoo-hoo-hoooooo....."

And they slowly faded into oblivion.

And re-appeared in China, the year 5007.

Pros: awesome prologue, is I do say so myself...

Cons: We meet the doctor. And that's BOUND to be complicated...but, I guess its also cool, because I mean, WE MEET THE DOCTOR! ...this should be under pros, dang it....


Story Idea Three: Meet the MAR. A species from who knows where, that appeared on earth a really, really, REALLY, long time ago. They live beside the human race, can shapeshift into anything they like, have their own SUB-SPECIES, and odds are, where ever anything exciting is, odds are you're going to find a MAR.

Sample: Margaret took a deep breath. “I...want you guys to turn me into a MAR.”

March looked at Margaret for a second, then burst into laughter. Margaret sat there, quickly starting to feel like an idiot.

“What?” she asked. “What is it?!”

March doubled over, clutching her stomach. “What do you think we are?!” she gasped. “Freakin twilight vampires?! This is us MARs dude!”

Margaret sat there for a moment. Then- “...Oh.”



(Thalia, Mir, I know you're staring at what I wrote, and saying “Errr...why use that?”, but I did it, because one day I will be famous with this story, and then I will laugh very much like March just did at all of the bloggers faces, and their cries of “OMG REALLY?!”)


Story Idea Four: Gloss's lies are always true. Well, at first they're lies, but in the end their true. Why is that happening (Not that she isn't grateful that she's won a few court battles, its just that she's really curious)? A chosen street gang may be able to tell her that. In fact, they can all do the same thing.

And a group of super lying teenager who can possibly take over the world and attract loads of attention is never a good thing.

Sample: Where were you at noon, yesterday?” The judge asked, face tense.

At the mall food court.” Gloss Daedalus replied smugly.

The judge narrowed his eyes. “Then how come we have footage of you shoplifting in a store on the other side of the mall?”

Gloss pointed at him with cuffed hands. “That was not me.”

Play the footage.” The judge said quietly without taking his eyes off Gloss, who was busy looking around the courtroom from the witness stand. The bailiff rolled his eyes at her.

Hey,” she began, tilting her head at the bailiff. “How about you try staying in a cell for two days before court.”

Pros: oooooooh! Super lying teenager who can possibly tak over the world! Sounds FUN!

Cons: Errr....the samples font changed...

well there ya go. Brainstorming Mark Two is done.



  1. *falls off chair laughing*

    Geez Mar! Anything you write is so awesome. I love all your ideas.
    I have to think about what I'm going to vote for. WIll get back with you tomorrow.
    *dashes madly away*

  2. HAHAHA!

    "Hush child!"

    1 and 2!

  3. I can't help it, I want you to write #2 also. XD

  4. LOL awesomesauce incarnate, Mar!

    'Mar looked at Joe, her face lit up with excitement. "Can you make the noise the Tardis makes Hellboy?"


    Lol i loved that bit. I must admit, i didn't quite know what you meant with the H-Tardis thing, but now i do. And now i can see how fun that would be.

    1 and 2... but 3 over 4 if it came down to it.

  5. They're all so AWESOME!
    LOL I can't decide...
    The first one sounds really cool!
    I want to see you write about the Doctor!
    But I don't want you to ruin it...
    The third one also sounds like it would be epica!
    I don't quite understand the last one...

  6. LOL
    My last comment might have made
    more sense with a few spaces.