Saturday, May 14, 2011

Labyrinth: SP FanFiction Prologue

Sorry Phantom.

No 'Past the point of no return'.

It was just too long.

Labyrinth? Go google it. It gives some hints on part of the story to come. (The Greek one! The one with Daedalus!)

Ah. March's past. Magical times in the makings.

This part is just basicly how She and her dad started that weird travling journey to lots of places, looking for Alida (March's mom).

This part, as well, really isn't that descriptive, know...a award winner.

But I do take pride in the two year old humor.


"Alida...Please Pick up...Alida!" Erebus Donnelly pleaded into the phone, when all he got in return was a low, continuous drone.

His daughter, Zoey Donnelly, looked up at him from the floor with large, crystal clear eyes. She took in her fathers urgency in his own matching crystal eyes, the way his midnight black hair was unkempt. He had the phone pressed to his ear, rapping his knuckles on the table.

Zoey looked around the room they were in, in all of its 1947 kitchen glory. She played with a small, plush, cartoon mouse, Mick something or the other. Zoey's little one year old brain could only comprehend that he had really big ears, a smile, and a tail.

Erebus stood abruptly from the kitchen table. He turned down and picked Zoey up into his arms, looking hastily at all of the windows.

He walked into the next room over, where a coat was draped over a chair. He placed Zoey on a small couch, where she commenced playing with the mouse.

Zoey looked at Erebus. "Mouse." she said.

Erebus managed a small smile her way. "Yes, that is a mouse."

Zoey looked down at the mouse. "Goat."

Erebus frowned. "No, that's a mouse. Mouse."


Erebus sighed. He put on the coat, and slipped his hand in a pocket to confirm that his wallet was there. Satisfied, he nodded and picked Zoey up in his arms again, where she held tightly on to the 'Goat'.

"Goat!" Zoey laughed.

"Of course it is Zo." Erebus sighed again.

He walked into the NEXT room over, where a baby's crib was. Erebus quickly changed Zoey from her pajamas into a little dress.

Zoey frowned. "Pants."

"You're wearing a dress."



"PANTS!" Zoey screeched.

Erebus looked at Zoey. "Good god, what are you going to be like when you're older?"

Zoey smiled. "Boom!"

"That cannot be good."


Erebus managed another smile. "Come on now. We need to get going."

In five minutes flat, the two were ready to go, Zoey in a small black shirt and a pair of purple shorts.

The two were soon well on their way out of the city of San Fransisco, California, leaving everything behind, all for the 'goat', a briefcase filled with various things, and a 'carrot'.

Zoey held the cookie high. "Carrot!"

Carrot, anyone?


  1. That reminds me of me when I was little! XD I love this! Keep writing Mar!

  2. LOL Mar! I love it! You are 'boom!' and 'splode!'.

    *takes a "carrot"*

    *dashes off laughing madly*


    *scrambles madly for a carrot*


    ... March is AWESOME! :D She owned her dad! :D LOL!

    *continues search for a carrot*

  4. HAHAHA!!!



    ...wait, did she say that she is going to explode when she's older?

    that can NOT be good...

    *steals the carrot laughing madly*