Monday, April 4, 2011

hermmm..ah! Hello!

hmm...well if thats so...ah! Hello! what are you doing here? Reading this? Good answer. Well anyway, i need to make some things known.

First of all, I've been depressed and not motivated enough to write. I wrote several things over spring break, and a majority of them were lost to the bowls of cyberspace.

However, I may be posting some prolouges for the various new stories soon. Like Cirque De Birds.

If anyone wants to be in that- ask now!

Now, where were we...oh yes, evil cyberspace bugs.

Anywho, I need your help with a part of the SP FanFiction. The NEW One. Not the OLD one.

Get these things straight people.

Any ideas? Any at all? ANYTHING? It has to do with a magical egg, i think i already covered that.

Lastly, There is a book report issue.

I want to do the report on a Skulduggery Book. However, Thalia is doing Dark Days, and a few months ago I did something on The Faceless Ones. So, that only leaves Mortal Coil, and i have NO IDEA how i could read THAT HUNK OF A BOOK by Friday.

So who wants be to do the whole series...?


For the Cirque De Birds, The oldest Kid is 14.

We seem to have a problem.

So, if you're in it, or want to be in it, State your age! it could be your real age, just make it 14 and younger!


  1. *blinks*
    14 or younger...
    *looks at drivers licence sadly*
    14's fine...


  2. Umm ideas for your new fan-fic? Ummmmmm
    You could have necromancers trying to kill the head people and take over!
    Orrr ummmm The whole story could be a story someone is telling to some kids! lol That would be interesting :]

    Ok I'll say I'm 12 :]
    [I'm really 15 just so you know...]

  3. Oh, and the idea...

    A magic egg...
    makes me think of Omelett.
    Oh, and what might hatch out of it (if noone eats it that is... ^^).

  4. You can make me a 6 year old lovable beauty! :)

    As for ideas. You can make it so't have any ideas right now.
    BUT!! Don't dispair. I will think of somethng.

    I hope.
    *looks around with shifty eyes hoping Mar will believe her*

  5. *Stares at onlett*


    erm...Kallista, you dont strike me as a six year old...!

  6. LOL
    My real age is 15. But you said to pick from 14 or younger. I think that' swha tyou meant. So I picked a 6 year old for the story! eI'm m be a bratty 4 year old who bugs everyone but is still so darned adorable!

  7. Yes...Dark Days....

    *cackles evilly*

    Oh, I know we already talked about this at school, but I'll be twelve. And don't forget my jacket! xD

  8. *blinks*

    wao. that could be interesting. How about 13? how about you have a little sister thats four?

  9. yes yes,

    but thalia! which book should i do for the report?!

  10. about Playing With Fire? I could lend you the book. And it is the first book that you read in the series.

  11. ...yes. switch the two second books in Maximum Ride and Skulduggery PLeasant! hehe!