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SC (Shugo Chara) FanFiction Dream Guardians: Part Seven

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"No." Shana said shortly.

Erza, Holo, and Shana were standing in the deserted bathroom, conversing about the tea party they were going to have to go to (thanks to Holo), in the royal garden.

"What do you mean no?!" Holo said, her eyes wide.

Shana stomped her foot. "When I quit the guardians, I planned to never go back there!"

"Why?!" Erza yelled.

Idontwhanttobereminedofmickyandtheothergirls." Shana mumbled quickly.

"Eh?" Holo tilted her head.


"Talk slower woman!" Erza screeched, shaking Shana by her shoulders.

"I DON'T WANT TO BE REMINDED OF MICKY AND THE OTHERS!" Shana shouted in Erza's face.

"Shana-Tan? Is that you?"

The three girls whirled around to the entrance, where they heard some people walking in. Holo silently motioned to the other two to run and hide into a stall quickly.

Shana pressed her eye to the crack, and saw Yaya, and Amu walk in.

"I could have sworn I heard Shana yelling..." Yaya said quietly, her eyes wide.

Amu placed both hands on her hips. "I think they're avoiding us."

"YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!" Shana kicked the door open, suddenly acting like a larger Micky.

"Shana?!" Amu and Yaya said simultaneously.

"Amu?!" Holo mocked them with mock surprise.

Erza was soon to follow, in the same manner. "Yaya?!"

Amu and Yaya stood there awkwardly.

Shana clucked her tongue. "Tsk tsk girls! Pinky-girl! Close your mouth! Bay dear, is impolite to stare!"

Amu shut her mouth and Yaya looked at the floor.

"Now...." Shana walked up to Amu. "Is Dia done too?"

Amu stared at her, mouth open once again. "Y-Yes..."

"Did you see who took them? All of them?" Holo asked, concern in her voice.


"OHMYGAWD!" Erza screeched, pointing to the tiny person who was floating in the doorway. To Erza, Holo, and Shana, the person was faint, and they had to concentrate to see it clearly. The tiny girl chara has purple hair, her red eyes scanning the scene. Her red top and bottom, short enough to expose her belly-button, shaped as bats. Her red boots, black demon tail twitching in the light bulbs artificial sunlight.

Il smirked, waving in greeting. "Yo!"


Mei sat in the tree impatiently, waiting for the girls to come out. Doru floated beside her, smirking at the door. Even though Mei's cap was pulled low over her eyes, she could still briefly see the other people either sitting in the tree with her, or standing on the ground below her.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto sat in the tree next to her, his own chara Yoru sitting on his shoulder. Mei was amazed that Patricks had succeeded in re-grouping him, along with his sibling who was standing at the bottom of the tree.

Hoshina Utau, stage name Hoshina, birth name Tsukiyomi, pop star was growing impatient quickly. Her chara, El, was waiting with her while her other chara, Il, was acting as bait for the girls.

Another figure, who sat high in the tree, was a complete mystery to Mei, who hadn't even clearly seen her face yet. What was clear, however, that she targeted Holo.

And finally, the other man. He was sitting high in the tree, waiting for his target. Erza. Who he was entirely was still a mystery to Mei.

Il zoomed out of the building, the three girls following closely. What surprised Mei however, was that Hinamori Amu and Yuiki Yaya had followed them. Mei would leave those two for Ikuto and Utau to deal with.

Mei jumped from the tree, landing next to Utau. Mei pointed at Shana.

"She's mine."


Yeah. So, there is a chance that Thalia may already have written Part Eight by now, depending on when you read this.

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  1. WEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! VERY INTERESTING!!!!


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    Part eight...well, let me just say that I'm going to emphasize the 'cross' part of this cross-fiction ^^

  2. Ah! I spot typos!

    This is going to be another cross-ficrion Thalia? Because I have some plans if so...!


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  3. Yep. Since we don't have charas right now...

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