Monday, April 11, 2011

New Story Which I will Name later: Prolouge

Its not the healthiest to be running around a particular part of the city at midnight. The homeless, drug dealers, assassins, and nightmares run a muck.

You read right. Assassins. Oh, you were looking at nightmares? Why that's the whole point of the story, so wait a bit for that.

On this particular night, a particular gang was chasing a particular group of people.

Three figures in dark hoods jumped through the window, one by one, landing without a sound in the alley. The last one motioned for the other two to run, while the last figure stayed. The figure stepped back, on the verge of the shadows.

In the distance, a clock chimed midnight.

Six members of the gang jumped through the window much like the figures previous, all for the grace. They landed with a scuffling of boots, and harsh breath. The gang members had on white hoods, which in many peoples opinion wasn't the best camouflage. A seventh figure stepped up to the window, his white hood having a splotch of a red substance. Blood. The seventh figure stood up to the window, and just...walked out. He stepped over the edge, and fell mid-step. He continued without breaking pace, face to face with the black hooded figure.

“Mizuki Divide. You are under arrest for the murder of Sarah DeArk. Put down any weapons that are in your possession.”

Mizuki made a sound like a laugh. “Mal. Malice. Little Malice. How you've grown...!” Mizuki blinked, and Malice was pointing a gun at her head. “Blaming other people for your own crimes! I mus say I'm proud of you!”

“Thirty seconds.” Malice growled.

Mizuki held up her hands, slowly taking the hood off. She had a Korean effect in her features, all of which were in-humanly delicate. Mizuki's eyes were a translucent white, her lips pale. Her black hair had a haunting effect, making shadows under her eyes.

Malice blinked, and Mizuki was pointing a gun at his head.

Your turn...” Mizuki chimed. A white hooded man stepped up and punched Mizuki sharply in the stomach, which seemed to have no effect. Mizuki grabbed hold of his retreating hand, smiling. “...Too late.”

The other two black hooded figures jumped on both sides of the alley, blocking the ways out. The white hooded figures turned in different directions, hissing in anger and frustration. When Malice looked at the window he had walked out of, Mizuki was standing there, a childish smile spread across her lips.

Remember Virginia and Pluto?” Mizuki raised her eyebrows.

Malice turned to the figure on the left, who was taking a black hood jacket off. A 17 year old girl stood there, a red raincoat under the black hoodie. The girl gave Malice the same childish smile, and blurred, returning into focus with a katana sword in hand. Malice turned to the right, in time too see the figure take the hood off and stand up to his full height, seven feet. The man had purple hair, with a white pinstripe suit.

Mizuki whistled to Malice. “Hey bro!” she called. “Look up!”

Malice was knocked to the ground as a small figure jumped onto his back, ripping the gun from his grip and pocketing it.

Hi Malice.” A small six year old voice whispered in his ear.

Clever?!” Malice sputtered.

Clever Divide stood off her brother, jumping to join her sister Mizuki Divide. In the alley, the figures of Virginia Dare and Pluto Dionysus blurred, and disappeared all together.

Mizuki winked. “Just so it was clear, Mother liked me better.”

Then Malice Divide was left in the alley with his gang of humans, a single vampire away from home. 


Waddya think? Haunting? Wanna know what city its in? Where you confused? I WANT TO KNOW!  


  1. IT'S GOOD!
    Sorta confusing, but GOOD :D

  2. A bit confusing at the start, but it's extremely good and well written! Write more!!!

  3. WOW! Icredible writing Mar! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!
    Love it!

  4. Woah, Mar, YOU are going to be a FAMOUS writer someday! EVERY story of yours in incredibly gripping and exciting and AWESOME!!

    ~applauds continuously for a very long time~
    Bravo!! Bravo, Mar! Bravo!

  5. WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOOWOWOWOOWOWOOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love it!

    can i b in one of v stories!


  6. You are an amazing writer!

    And you write so much. It's almost impossible to keep up.


  7. I did it! Challange complete!

    I posted a comment on every single post!

    43 minutes I spent doing that :)

    I've become best friends with the word verification.

    But please can you take it off.

    So yes!