Saturday, April 9, 2011

My time travling, chibi demon, wing flappin, nancy drew dream.

Holy....i just has the WEIRDEST dream!

So, i was pretending to be a guy so i could get work for the queen. I disguised myself yet again, heading down to the playing field or something. O saw a awesome ball game, and joined the game. I WON! I whent back to the house, where my parents where planning on going to the festival. We whent to the festival later that night, and i was still in my second disguise. Heres where it skipps ahead into a few centuries. Apparently, i betrayed the gueen or something, and had to hide. Me, being really bored at the festival, convinced my parents to let me go to the field and practice. I crpssed the fesyival road to get there and a car came speeding down, chasing someone else. I flipped to the other side, aquiring a huge bruse. My parwnts rushed over, asking if i was okay. I nodded, out of breath. (heres where it gets a little cross-fictiony) i tried to see if i could reconize the car, to see wjo was driving it. Then a saw in golden letters on the car- Nebucanezzer. (please dont ask, it was a dream, i blame social studies) all the royal police cars had that written. So i hurridly muttered that to my parents, trying to figure out if the people in the car had seen my face. The car rounded back, and came at me. I took that has a yes, and ran the heck outta there. I ran to the playing fields, however the grass had grown a bit. I tripped, falling into the tall grass. The police were looking around for me, and i considered if ishould just give myself up. Nah, What the heck. So i leapt up, and kicked the nearest guy, by accident (i was aiming for the LEGS!) in the groin. I sprinted the rest of the way to the field. I think i got shot or something, or tranqualized, but i started feeling really limp and sleepy. I just laid there, and they came and hadcuffed me. I, creativly, said "Ow". Then...they cut my fingers off. It didnt hurt, and i had no idea why they did it if it didnt hurt, but it was probably best i didnt tell them in case thay did something worse. The policr car pulled up, and they threw me in it. We drove, la di da, and i thought. This, was where i started to remember this was a dream. "C'mon, Maximum Ride can get herself outta things like this!" then i remembered she had wings, and i didnt. Then i discovered that my dream had given me wings. Heh.

So, the jail. Ah yes. The warden looked old, and mean. So my brain let me skip the briefing. In my cell, i formulated a way of escape. And thats when Mir came along, being my cell partner! Yaaaaaay! I wasnt alone!

Mir, being the super demon she is, kicked the jail bars and crushed them. As a distraction, she did that to all the other bars, freeing everyone. Me and Mir made a run for it. I then remembered all the festival lights. They lit up the way to the festival, and civilization! Then the warden came out. Yippe. So, under preassure, me and Mir ran the opposite way of the festival. Yes. We got caught. Spare you the bloody details.

So, were back at the jail, and the warden is hauling me back to my cell. So i turn and push him away. Then i turned into nancy drew. I reminded him about if childhood, and why he was the warden, and he got all dipressed and sat on a chair by the cliff. I took out all the 'clues' that i had no idea how i got, and made him so depressed he comitted suicide. Lucky me. He jumped off the cliff. I dove to grab him, but it was too late. Then I was hanging from the rail, about to fall. Yeah, i just climbed up when everyone was planning how ro rescue me.

Ah, hello Wardens son. The Son was a angry that us PRINSONERS were all out, and wouldnt stop talking. So i slapped him and hugged him, telling him that his dad just died. He took it...better then i wouldve thought. Like he didnt believe me. Yes, well, i left out the part that i caused him to commite suicide...well, yes.

So, happy but confusing ending, everyone was calling their parents to go home.

Then i remembered my wings.

I say something really encouraging, or smart or somethig, and flapped by wings and GREW INTO A BIRD. phew. Shapeshifters dreams for ya. I flapped away, and somebody, behind me said-

"And the magestic bird flies into the flaming sun, symbolizing the end."

I must say, that was a wonderful bit of poetry!


  1. LoL that sounds like a very confusing but cool dream xD
    I love the last line... "And the magestic bird flies into the flaming sun, symbolizing the end." It sounds sorta like Octa..

  2. Oh gosh, I fell out of my chair laughing xD That must've been such an awesome dream~

  3. Ah... It's so much fun to kick in doors and iron bars. *looks around* maybe I'll do it some more... *walks off in the general direction of neighbors door*

  4. LOL INSANE dream! Sounds quite fun though! :D

  5. Hmmm....I did read it. Thought I'd left a comment.
    My bad!