Sunday, April 10, 2011

SP Fic Red Shoes Magic: Part One

Aha! Part one is it? Well, I'm on a roll!



Kasch stepped onto the shores of ireland, the red shoes hidden in large brown boots and Bela sitting on her shoulder.

"Where to now?" Kasch whispered to Bela.

"To be completely honest, I don't know." Bela replied, licking his muzzle slightly.

Kasch stared at Bela blankly. "You're useless, you know that?"

"Hey! I'm the one who can do magic!" Bela flicked his ears back.

"But honestly Bela, you'd think-"

"You with the cat!"

Kasch was interupted in her scentance by two men and a teenage girl. The first man had brown hair, and had sonething straight strapped to his back. He seemed twenty years old. The second man seemed thirty, dressed in a black coat and black scarf. The teenage girl looked about 16, with black hair and black knuckle gloves.

"May I help you?" Kasch said stiffly.

"What's your name?" The twenty year old said.

"Whats yours?" Bela retorted.

The trio stared.

Kasch stepped forward, pressing a hand to Bela's mouth. "You didn't hear that."

Bela jumped to the ground. "Kasch, these people aren't mortals. They're mages for the sanctuary."

The thirty year old man spoke up. "My name is Necros. Is is Dragona Pine and Kallista Pendragon. The sanctuary only looks to keep you safe."

Kasch backed away quickly. "I don't need protection!" She hissed. "Me and Bela have been fine on our own!"

"We can help you." Dragona said. "We can help you take the shoes off."

"Its not whether i WILL take the shoes off, its if they CAN come off at all!" Kasch yelled.

Necros shifted his weight, looking around hastily. “People are starting to look.” He said softly.

Dragona nodded, as if this was the norm. “We know that. We have a few stratigies that my work.”

Please let us help you! I hate it when anyone has to suffer!” The girl named Kallista burst out.

Kasch blinked, taken aback from the kindness she was hearing. Bela jumped up on her shoulder again. A small crowd started to gather.

How...How do I know that you're not just lying?” Kasch's voice was deadly quiet, and the trio had to crane to hear. “Maybe you're just like all the other people. All the other liars.”

Kallista waved her wands quickly. “No! It's not-”

Kasch spun around, wincing in pain.

Dragona and Kallista both pushed at the air, however withought realizing it in different directions. Kasch was flung to the ground, the brown boots flying away. Bela rolled on the street, cursing as the crowd of people scattered in fear. The sanctuary trio was left to stare at the red shoes, and at the bloody skin where Kasch's skin was red and blistering. The red ribbons tying the shoes seemed to eminate magic, ready to kill anyone who came too close. The ribbons tightened, and tightened more at Kasch's scream of pain.

Kallista pressed both hands to her face, covering her gaping mouth. “Oh my god...” she cried.

Bela jumped up, his hackles raised. “Kasch! Lets go!”

Kasch nodded. “Yes.”

Kasch wrapped a arm around Bela's neck, careful not to choke. Bela gathered all his hind leg muscles. Flames curled off his fur, his eyes turning a bright yellow.

Now!” He yowled. Bela jumped high in the air, leaving flames in his wake. Kasch was pulled after him and his power, as Bela landed and shot off at impossible speed, each step leaving a flame that was quickly extinquished.

Dragona quickly ran after them. Necros laid a hand on his shoulder, holding him back. He silently shook his head.

In the distance, a clock chimed eleven.




  1. Ooooooooh! Poor Kasch!
    WOW!!! You amaze me with your excellent writing! This story is so exciting! I can't wait to see what happens next!
    Thanks for adding me!

  2. Woah! That would so AWFUL!
    Tell me more! I must know what happens to poor Kasch!