Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well here we go...Picture This: Summary

Okay. This is my write on story. The...summary thing.

Like, the thing you'd find on the inside flap.



 Picture This.


Mack Skies has a slight problem. Her mind is going haywire just thinking about it.
Eight years earlier, she created a imaginary friend, who went along with her everywhere.
Now, at 13 years of age, Mack is a lonely middle schooler. Her parents are the caretakers of a lighthouse.
Being alone most of her time, Mack has clung to her characters like a lifeline. She creates more, and more, and more.
One day, they become solid.
Supposedly Mack's brain capacity expanded so much that she created and made her characters real.
She thinks its awesome at first.

The she reads a particularly scary horror novel.

Along with her newly real friends, and a school bully, a couple of ferocious Internet bloggers, and a kid who has the IQ higher then Einstein, Mack has to stop a not-so-bad bad guy, a couple of pirates, and a dragon who now calls the lighthouses skies home.

Shortly, Mack has a very complicated life.

Not counting how every single character spells her name 'Maq'.

tips? Anything to add? Suggestions? 

Who automatically thought 'ME!' when they read ferocious internet bloggers?

Yes, that's you. 

Have no idea why this is all in italics. The computers gettin' screwy.


  1. Awesome. Completely. It's so hysterical. I fell out of my chair laughing when I read 'a couple of pirates'. I think Rupert was very disturbed.

    (I thought 'ME!' when I read that. I really did xD)

  2. LOL Thalia!

    Any suggestions for the plot?

  3. Eh...not right now. I'll let you know if I do, but I'm sure that you'll think of something~

  4. LOL Actually when I read about the pirates I thought of myself wearing an eye patch, (but still incredibly beautiful.)
    Your story sounds so amazing. One I would definately by at a bookstore!


  5. Oooo That sounds awesome! Definitely something I'd read! :D

  6. Thalia- tell rupert that i can reconize his hair anywhere...!

    Kallista- huh. I was thinkin of you being a ferocious blogger, but you COULD be a pirate...!

    Skyril- any tips? Story plot ideas? Any CREAM CHEESE YOU HAVE TO OFFER?!

  7. Ahem... I can be a BEAUTIFUL pirate! The beautiful Pirate Queen who wears PURPLE!!!