Sunday, April 10, 2011

SP Fic Red Shoes Magic: Prolouge

Phew. This, is the fanfiction im sure everyone has been waiting for. I FINALLY decided what it was to be about. 

Meet my new OC! and my other OC! 

Kasch and Bela! Bela is a dude, Kasch is a girl. 

Bela is hungarian by the way. It means 'white one'. Its ironic. and i LIKE ironic names. 


The city of London was busy, everyone rushing to the place they were supposed to be when the thunder storm had hit. A lone black cat sat on the side of a road, its green eyes bright in the shadows of dusk. The clock tower chimed seven in the distance. A black hooded figure approached the cat, and sat on the wet curb next to him.

"It didn't work Bela." the figure said, a soft feminine voice hinted with English. 

Bela looked to the girl. "The shoes are cursed. you would need a powerful mage to figure out how you could get them off. You know that Kasch." 

"They've been on for three years. I don't know. I'm loosing hope." Kasch whispered, softer now. "The witching hour is the worst. I am forced to dance, with these bloody shoes on my feet." 

"Bloody literally.." Bela grumbled.

The two looked down to Kasch's feet, where red ballet shoes were, a bright color in the grey street. 

Bela flicked his tail. "We still have one more place as a choice. There may be some mages there."


"Dublin City, Ireland." 


"Its in Ireland."

"You just said that."

"I like to make myself clear."

Kasch stood shakily, wobbling. She turned, opening her arms for Bela to leap into them. She turned and walked down the street. 

"I'm sure the sanctuaries are aware of what were doing by now." Kasch said, her vision wavering. 

Bela nodded. "Yes, and that will make getting into Ireland itself a lot harder." 

"We don't want any trouble. They should just let us be by along our way." 

"They want to keep you protected." Bela hissed sarcastically. "They're worried of the shoes."

Kasch abruptly stopped. "The shoes?!" 

"They're worried of the shoe's power. Something makes them control you to dance at midnight."


"They're afraid that some people may abuse that power." 

"I don't even know what makes them dance, besides the knowledge that its coming from the shoes. I just woke up in the street with them, and my family and everything related to me gone. Then you found me."

"Some people may already know of the power. People with more experience." 

"That's right. The only magic I have is you and the shoes." 

Kasch continued to walk, her frown deepening into a grimace. 

Bela noticed "You're in pain."

"You new here?" Kasch growled. 

Bela shook his head. Kasch hailed a taxi, hiding Bela in her black jacket. 

As the night gave way, a pair hollow eyes following as the taxi drove away. As the taxi turned the corner, the eyes blinked, and turned away, needle flashing.  


Anybody Know what Dusk's eye color is? I'm curious...but that person with the eyes and the needle is not Dusk. I repeat. NOT DUSK. Its still a vampire however. 

Does that Video show? I listened to it when i wrote this...Its brilliant, it is~ 

This too. BRILLIANT!

Just to make this clear, i will rarely post a song with a story. RARELY! 

its just...



  1. YAY FOR BALLET! I do ballet. My friends find it amusing. :P

    Good start!

  2. yeahh...i did ballet for a bit. i learned how to mimic matrix from it!

  3. WOW! Fantastic MAr! You sure know how to write intriuging stories! I'm hooked! Want more!
    (will I be in it?)
    LOL Doesn't matter if I am or not. Just want my OC to help th egirl . She would be sad to see someone suffer.
    Thanks for posting!

  4. LOL yes, you'll be in it Kallista!

  5. Good thing those shoes don't make her dance ALL the time... o0

  6. well originally, in the story, the shoes wouldnt stop dancing, and the girl had to cut her feet off.

    ...well, that didnt quite fit this story.

  7. Oooo interesting fan-fic, Mar! I want to read MORE!!