Friday, April 1, 2011

A Small Detour.


All righty. Well, I will be taking a small detour from writing my current stories. Dont worry, I'll be going back to the skul-man fanfiction eventually. Quite frankly, im doing this because i have no idea where to go with it.

So, a detour will be made to help be brainstorm.

I'm going to be writing a Maximum Ride FanFiction, that Cirque De Birds thing.

I am also going to be writing ANOTHER Skulduggery FanFiction, because that series rocka my socks.

And, incase your wondering, my socks as of now are white and light pink. (I know some people wondered that! Its in the human nature!)

Okay. The Skulduggery fanfiction will be about...

An egg.

Yes, an egg. And no, you're not allowed to eat it.

It will also be featuring my new OC i have created. And i will NOT be posting the bio on Bio-rama. Well, maybe if you all ask really nicely and upload your fanfictions.

Ive been keeping an eye on some of your fanfictions in paticular...


Ehem. Scuse me. I must be coming down with a cold.

AH! I ALMOST FORGOT! Who want's to be in the Skulduggery FanFiction? C'mon! I have spaces open...!

tic...toc...tic...toc...the clock is ticking...and its one of those obnoxious ones...tic...toc...tic...toc...


  1. Me!
    *looks at all the coughs*
    *cocks head*

  2. I'll be in the SP fanfic Mar! :)

  3. Mar! I want to be in amything you write! :)
    You have EXCELLENT writing skills!


    but i need a couple more...

    *looks around*

  5. Put Octa and Pyro in. They would love it. They can't be here right now to put thier own names in due to homework, exams and other things. But they are so cool!
    Also. Necros! He is Alex's oc. The last three oc's I gave you are awesome but have not been in may fanfics.

  6. *beams*

    can you tell alex if you see him?

  7. HEY!

    *jumps up and down*


    ...and don't tell ME i can't eat v eggy!


  8. *steals frying pan from Mar's hand*

    *smashes obnoxious clock with it*

    There. Muuuuch better...

    My fanfic's currently in a sort of stand-still state. Y'see, i know a sort of GENERAL area with which i'm taking the plot line to, but it's proving more difficult than i thought to fill in those gaps. I write heaps while i'm on the bus to or from school tho. Or at least, i write heaps while i'm on the bus when i FEEL like writing :/ lol

  9. Nyx- well, China came across the egg, and she reconized it, so if you eat it, you DIE! and yes, you will be in it.

    Hellboy- you write on the bus? Isnt that kind of...dangerous? Is your bus one of those quiet ones? Or is it like my afternoon bus, with all these lunatics? I isually just read on the bus and daydream of what i SHOULD write. That, or beat the lunatics with my violin case (thank you dude in seat nine for giving me that idea!)
    HRY HEY HEY WAIT! You wanna be in the egg story? (DONT EAT IT OR YOU DIEEEE!)