Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yaaaaaaaaay! Sharp Pointy Weapons!


I have an idea!

But first- A lesson on my ideas.

Idea Type One- A good type of idea that is brilliant.

Idea Type Two- a mad, genius, scary Idea that will most likely include the bashing of the people with frypans.

Idea Type Three- a mysterious Idea that only I know about...he he he...

Okay. Class dismissed.

Anywho, its idea type one!

I had an idea when I was holding a ladle in my mother kitchen.

I will make various fanfictions...about all of our weapons.

Well, its really one huge fanfic that all comes together. But...yeah.

So they'll definitely be some frypans in there!

If you want your OC to be featured in these wonderful fics, comment. Also tell me what weapon you want featured. And- if the weapon has any backstory (any special meaning, a NAME, where he got it...ya da ya da ya da...),  add that if you will. Oh! It can be more then one weapon, because I'm nice like that.

Now Some of MY favored weapons...

Ladle! Yaaaaaay! 


Huh...This moved when I found it...

Its a fencing sabre by the way. 

"Well there you go. Can't beat the classics" 

Ah, how you are right Scarab...even though you're a creeper. 

Spread the word of this to people who OC's have cool weapons! 


  1. My weapon?
    A bow.
    Similar to this one:

    Background story? Aquila already did archery when she discovered magic.

  2. Rice paddle: It's actually a canoe paddle, but Thalia uses it to make rice, so she calls it a rice paddle.

    Plastic spatula: Thalia was attacked by vampires in the utensils isle of the grocery store and grabbed the closest thing to her.

    Messenger bag: Not technically a weapon, but she always manages to pull something random out of it.

    Short sword: Something like this one

    Thalia was given it right before her family's massacre. It was passed down her mom's side of the family (not the Necromancers). She uses it almost everyday, even for opening letters. It can act as a compass, literally pointing Thalia on her way, but only at random times she can't predict. Thalia isn't sure of it's past.

  3. I have no OC. But I do have weapons of choice!

    Electric cattle dehorner:

    Hoof shears:


    Angle grinder:

  4. Yey! Weapons! Ok. I think on bio it says samurai swords but I wanna get creative.

    So I may just post some random things I have used as weapons before.

    First: a pillow. I have some tough pillows.

    Second: … I've forgotten. Huh. Let me think.

  5. Oh yes!! I remember!! A TV remote control! Good times...

    And then if course there's floss. That things almost as dangerous as socks.

    And can anyone who is Australian PLEASE say boomerang? Cos I'll cry if no one does.

    Toodle Pip!

  6. "In America we call a stick a BASEBALL BAT!"

    Sorry. Just had to type that.

  7. Ooo interesting!
    Aquila already took my bow... I LOVE bows! :]
    Ok ummmmm
    Let's seeeeee....
    Yes! I love finger knives! I call them
    Steve, Ellerd, Billy, Bo Peep, Poseidon, and Suzanna! :]
    And a sling! NOT a slingSHOT! A SLING! They're VERY different! :]

  8. hmmmmmmm..........

    well, i have:

    a dagger
    an epica samuri sword!
    ...maybe other stuff...not sure

  9. This is awesome! Great idea.

    Israel's double barrel sawn-off shotgun. (pics on my bio on the Biorama, but also there are some pictures on the 'Shotguns' post I did on the Eight Great's. Sorry for not putting any pics here, I'm on my iPod)

    Way back in World War 2, when Israel was fighting it out on the front lines in Russia against the magical part of its enemy's army, his squad stormed an old farmhouse that was suspected of sheltering a small group of enemy sorcerers, but instead only held a hardworking Russian couple. They invited the squad for a drink, and they agreed, not knowing that while they drunk the farmhouse was being surrounded by the enemy.
    Israel, slightly intoxicated, decided to show the old couple his power as a party trick, telling them to pick any number in a million. However, he saw the sorcerers attacking in the future, and leaped out of his seat and towards a full length double barrel shotgun that rested on top of the mantle piece, used long ago for when the old man had once hunted animals for food.
    After the ensuing fight, he sawed off the barrel and the butt of the gun to allow him to carry it normally. He inscribed magical runes and markings to allow it to shoot the blue waves of energy at a later date. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    In his squad, Israel was the captain (Captain Elysium xD). All of the squad carried PPSh-41's, but Israel only held a Colt .45 pistol, otherwise known as an M1911.
    The squad, being all Russian, spoke only in broken English and swore in Russian.

    Good luck Mar!

  10. Twin Katanas. Easily my favourite weapon. Or maybe the MP5A3 or the Enfield assault rifle... Hmm...

  11. Bridget uses twin hunting knives and her whip

    But she can use anything as a weapon :) because she's awesome like that

    thanks for telling me about this on my blog Mar-chu!

    Well...Skylara doesn't usually carry weapons- so she can shapeshift but when she does it is normally a cross-bow or a fencing foil.

    I don't actually know where she got the cross-bow but Sherlock gave her a fancing foil for her last Birthday as he and he practice on a regular basis in her flat in London (will become clear when I post my story) It's silver and had the engraving 'You see but you don't observe'.

    so u can use either one :D

  13. Well I don't actually have a weapon
    but I shall choose

    Beeker from the Muppets!

    Use your imagination!

  14. My weapons? I have three. My first is a collapsible, over sized, metal mallet. It's good for bashing skulls in. :D Then my hand grenades. It's just so much fun to stuff it in an enemy's pocket, run like heck, and watch them explode from a distance. Then there's my throwing knives, which I can use to attack from a distance.

  15. Weapons my OC uses. A samurai sword. A japanese fan. Japanes hair picks. A frozen turkey leg, nut crackers, and an ocatapus!