Friday, April 22, 2011

SC (Shugo Chara) FanFiction Dream Guardians: Part Four


Part Three:


Shana sat shivering on the bus, looking out the window with a loathing look. All the other students were staying well away from her and her weird mutterings.

Shana cursed “Stupid Zeus angry or something?” in response, she got a boom of thunder.

When everyone was rushing out of the school, Shana had looked feverishly for Holo and Erza to no avail. In the end Shana had been swept out of the building with all the other panicking children. Shana frowned. Shew liked to think they were both okay, but she could tell something other then the flood was bothering them. Something that concerned the-

the bus squealed to a stop, throwing everyone forward in their seat. All the kids stood up in their seats, looking around in wonder. Outside the windows of the bus, in the pouring rain, was Seiyo Elementary School, looking like a castle. In the back, a large greenhouse known as the royal garden sat in all its planty glory. Shana grimaced in remembrance of what had happened on that same day, a month ago.

When she had lost Micky and quit the guardians.

“May I have you're attention please!”

Direction of everyone's attention was directed to the front of the bus, where a teacher with messy orange hair stood with a clipboard.

“Some of you will be joining my class, the star class.” The teacher smiled, pushing his metal glasses further up his nose. “My name is Nikaidou-Sensei, if any of you were wondering.”

Shana narrowed her eyes. Oh dear...

“Those who will be joining Scarlet Erza,”

Shana perked up. She looked around, and saw Erza's head at the front of the bus, Holo's hawk-ish head next to her.

“-Koshimizu Holo, and Hakumei Shana. Please come with me. Some students from the class will be leading you to the locker rooms where you will receive your uniforms.”

Shana grinned as she walked down the bus aisle. Then her smile was wiped from her face when she saw the students that were to lead her, Erza, and Holo to the lockers.

Hinamori Amu of the Jokers Chair smiled at her,flanked by Mashiro Rima and Yuiki Yaya. “Hello Hakuemi-San and Koshimizu-San.”

“So this is Patrick Company's goal?” Mei mused. “To get rid of any useless eggs?”

“Not all dreams can be reached. Some people can't realize that, and they still try to achieve the useless.” a gruff voice said, coming from a shadowed chair.

“Where should I start?”

“You already did.” a womans voice said from behind a chair.


“By throwing away your own charas. We are impressed. The question is, can you receive a chara that is useful?” the gruff voice asked.

“What do you mean by that?”

“We have all come to conclude that you are strong Mei. From your records, you can achieve the greatest dreams. We can sense it.” a younger voice said.

“You can sense it?”

“Get a new egg Mei. Then you can start with joining the other two agents we have acquired.” the womans vocie said.

A smaller voice spoke, as soft as silk. “She can start now.”

Mei turned around to see a small chara dressed as a doll.

“Pleasure to meet you. My name is Doru.” Doru curtsied, and smiled.

Nikaidou stood in the front of the class, addressing them all. “Class, I would like you to meet three new students.”

Three girls walked into the class, side by side, an array of red hair and hawk hair.

Nikaidou looked at the one nearest to him. “Are you Hakumei Shana?”

Shana looked at him flatly. “No.” she said sarcastically. “My name is Fate Testarossa and I dyed my hair to look this red. It was blond before.”

Nikaidou blinked. “O-Okay...Testarossa-San.”

Shana looked at him. He had believed her. He had actually believed her. This was a shock. However she couldn't blame him, being the first time they've met, and all.

“You may take your seat now.” Nikaidou said. “It's right-”

Shana walked up to the nearest empty seat, plopping down into it. Just their luck, all the seats were positioned around the guardians. She glared at the Jack's chair, Fujisaki Nagihiko, who was sitting infront of her,

“Testarossa-San,” Nikaidou said. “That's supposed to be-”

“I'm siting here.” Shana closed the conversation, and listened to Holo and Erza introduce themselves.

The unsettling this however, was that when she looked at Amu, Rima, Nagi (A/N: nickname for Nagihiko) or Hotori Tadase (King's chair, was sitting to the right) she couldn't see a single one of their hatched charas, nor amu's one un-hatched egg.

Shana tried to ignore that fact.


Thalia will post part Five, Mir part Six, and Me part Seven, Thalia part eight, so on and so forth. 


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    Amazing part as always Mar! I love it.

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