Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yeah. Lets replay these scenes...

ehem. well, Mr K walked up to me and Thalia in the morning.


Thalia and Mar: did you check the blog?!
K: What? You were serious?
Thalia and Mar: YES!
K: oh. Okay. *walks away*

SCENE TWO! After...when was it?

*Mar walks up to see mR K standing my locker*

Mar: eh?
K: I looked at the blog!
Mar: really? how was it?
K: it was so confusing!
Mar: whaaaaat!
K: *starts laughing* the names were so confusing! i didnt undertsand any of it! there were all these people, and they were all waving! Such weird names!
Mar: *burts out laughing* *eyes water* *face turns red from lack of oxygen*
K: *walks away laughing*


*everyone bows* 


  1. *giggles maniacally*

    That amusing....hehehehehe

  2. *grins broadly*
    Maybe we should explain our names...

  3. Hahahaha! That's hilarious! :D

  4. "You were serious?"
    ^I love that xD

    Weird names?! Our names are TOTALLY normal. Utterly the epitome of normality.

    I agree with Aquila though, explaining would help... xP

  5. Except for my name. My name is perfectly normal. And beautiful. Key words being perfectly and beautiful. Yeah...

    *looks around shiftily....wanders off....*

  6. And my name… Apparently reminds people of the moon crying. That's completely normal. Yup…

  7. lol, my teachers would never talk to me AGAIN, they'd think it was awkward....