Sunday, April 10, 2011

SP Fic Red Shoes Magic: Part Two



This should be safe for the night...”

Bela pulled Kasch into a warehouse, where a few boxes were pulled along the side.

Kasch managed a smile. “Thank you.” she said horsely.

I'm worried about you Kasch...The shoes are going to kill you soon.” Bela's whiskers drooped.

Kasch shook her head. “No. I'm fine. Don't you worry about me.”

Bela jumped onto a box, making it his bed for the night. “Its time.” He said gravely.

Kasch nodded, walking to the center of a cleared space in the boxes. She took her jacket off, placing it on a crate. Her ripped jeans frayed more, and Kasch ripped the bottoms off entirely, leaving them as shorts. The red shoes visible, Kasch stood completely still in the middle of the warehouse clearing.

In the distance, a clock chimed one.

Bela pressed to the box, cursing the shoes for existing and putting Kasch through this torture.

The clock chimed two.

Kasch took a deep breath, preparing for the magic to take hold og her until dawn.

The clock chimed three.

Bela looked around, cautious of anyone or anything else that might interrupt and try and take Kasch away. When she was dancing, it was his job to protect her.

The clock chimed four.

Kasch ignored the pain, focusing her attention on the clock.

The clock chimed five.

Bela remembered when he found Kasch huddled in the alley two and a half years earlier, covered in blood and dirt.

The clock chimed six.

Kasch knew the next hours would be torture, and that in the morning her feet would be a little more bloody.

The clock chimed seven.

Bela remembered when he lived in a family, and he remembered when he ran away, due to the war. He will always remember the war, in all his 567 years of living.

The clock chimed eight.

Kasch stayed still. Four more.

The clock chimed nine.

Bela unsheathed his claws and dug them into the crate.

The clock chimed ten.

Kasch knew the pain. She knew it well...

The clock chimed eleven.

Bela knew that not only the sanctuary was after Kasch, but also many people with evil intentions. He had to protect her.

The clock.






  1. This story is amazing! I read all the parts you have so far. It's incredibly well written, suspenseful, and just an all around beautiful story!
    (Will my OC be in it? Just wondering, I don't mind if she isn't)

  2. O.o Wow. That's kind of... horrific. I mean that in a good way.

  3. OI! Oh the torture the girl is going through! My own feet are hurting just at the thought! :O

    EPICA!!!!!! Marvoulouse writing Mar!

  4. EPICA!!!

    Just caught up with reading all of this. It truly is awesome!

    Is Bela a shapeshifter, or a cat with magical properties? :P

    Amazing idea, Mar....can't wait for the next parts.

    If it's not to much trouble, am i...please allowed in it...? Or in another story....or your other fanfic was continued...*extremely wide cat eyes* please?

  5. This is just SO fantastic and tragic!!!
    Please! I must know what happens to poor Kasch!!