Thursday, March 31, 2011

SP FanFiction- Part Eight


Yeah, well, this part is the beginning of introducing the main...plot...ish...thing...ENJOY!

March quickly shifted large, crimson, wings, so her decent was slower. However, when she tried to fly up, a invisible wall of air knocked her further down, and when she didn't move at all it continued by pushing her down. Once she landed, March looked up to see Mir's head at the edge of the hole. 


"Mar!" she called. "I'm so sorry!" 

"What the heck is this?!" March screamed up at her. 

" powers gone wild?" Mir asked for then said. 

March sighed obnoxiously. 

"But can't you just fly up?" Mir called. 

"No! There's this weird wall of air! It won't let me!" March cried. 

"Hang on! I'll go and get Thalia!" Mir's head disappeared, and March was left in the semi-darkness. 

March bit her lip, and kicked the wall next to her.

In return, she got a hollow echo. 

March stared in shock at the wall, and started to brush away the dirt and debris. Where there was a wall a few seconds before, was now a wooden door. 

"Whoa..." March breathed. 

March jiggled the handle, and forced the door open. A welcome light of a candle met March's eyes. It was a ancient tunnel, with a torch every few yards. 

"Double whoa..." March breathed. 

Slowly, March walked down the hallway, tucking her wings to her side in case she needed to make a quick getaway. 

March eventually came to another door after who knows how long. This door looked newer, with metal bolts. March shoved that door open, and was met with a stunning sight. 

It was a huge room with black marble floors, and white marble gold engraved pillars surrounding it. A balcony stood in the middle over everything, as if a king would go and see his subjects there. As March walked to the middle, she looked up and gasped. The entire ceiling was a painting of color, indescribably vivid. Across it were three giant gold and diamond chandeliers, lit with fire. The picture for the most part was of angels in flight, flying around the chandeliers like they were the sun. However, at the edges of the painting, evil beings of shadows were plotting evil and planning to hurt the angels. 

March blinked. One of the angels had moved. An arrow tipped with poison flew at the angel, catching it in the heart. The angel screamed in silent agony, its blood pouring into the painting. Dark creatures swarmed too it, dragging it to the edges of the painting and bean to tear it limb from limb as- 

"The painting reflects life." Someone said from the door. "Every time an angel dies in the painting, or some darkness disappears, something has happened in real life."

March looked down from the horrifying scene to see a girl about a year older then her, leaning against the door. The girl was dressed in a short black dress with white ruffled at the bottom, and a small block bow. She wore knee-high boots, and had her dark crimson hair pulled in a bun, out of her obsidian eyes.

March blinked. Crimson hair? Obsidian eyes?

"What are you doing here?" The girl asked, blinking her eye slowly. 

"I uh...I fell." March mumbled. 

"You...fell?" The girl raised an eyebrow.

"I fell." March repeated, more firmly. 

"Then how did you not, oh, i dunno, die from the fall?" The girl asked skeptically. 

"Well, I shifted these wings." March said, opening her wings to a large extent. 

The girl's eyes widened, and she gaped at the crimson wings. 

"Please don't tell me your a mortal." March stated.

"Holy..." The girl whispered. 

March bit her lip. She started edging away, back towards the way she had come. 

The girl jumped straighter, and ran from the room. "Adrian!" She screamed. 

"Well." March muttered, taking flight and shooting towards the tunnel. "That can't be good."

No March. It can't be good. 



  1. Amazing! I totally love it. It's so descriptive and suspenseful.

  2. xD 'tis AWESOME! You write spectacularly, Mar!

    I caught up on the last part as well, thanks for putting me in it :D This story's awesome, 10/10!

  3. *headdesk*


    thanks guys. but i may actually re-write this chapter and post it again...

    ...what? i was impatient yesterday....

  4. Woah....