Sunday, March 27, 2011

CrossFiction-Part One.

'Part One', is basically all the stuff i could find at the moment. WARNING: EXTREME MOOD CHANGES IN THE STORY! 

This story, now that i look back at it, is a mess of cross-fiction-ness. I hope you are disturbed by it. 

This was written By me, and by Thalia. I am Shana, Holo is Thalia. Thalia writes the Holo parts, i write the Shana parts. 

That is all. Thank you. 

“SHANA-TAN! WAKE UPPPPP!” A small person waves around Hakumai Shana's sleeping body.

The small girl is about the size of a index finger, and is dressed like a sailor. Orange hair, with a red headband, and a small leaf on it, she has the energy of a puppy. Her sailor outfit is about normal, but with her shirt orange, yellow tie, and blue jeans, leading down to brown boots.

Shana digs deeper into the covers of her bed. “Mmmhh...”

The tiny girls eyes practicly glint with rebellion. “Fine..guess you leave me no choice...!”

The tiny character flew off, (I mention she could fly, right?) returning a couple minutes later with a box of soap. The girl came over to Shanas bed, and dumped the soap right on her head. That woke her up.

“MICKY! IM GONNA GET YOU!” Shana lept out of bed, but before she could get Micky, she saw the time on the clock.


“Told ya...” Micky muttered behind her back.

  • - - 10 minutes later - - -

“Okay! Micky, do you have the other eggs in my-”
“and the locket and chain?”
“what about my sketchbook-”
“The bus is here.”
“T-thank you..!”
“but seriously, the bus is already pulling away.”

Micky sure loves mornings. She gets to see her chara bearer freaking out.


"No" Koshimizu Holo glared through her amber bangs at the small chibi flying franticly around her head.  Her crimson gaze usually struck fear into the hearts of mortals, but the chibi responded in no such way, as though she was used to it.

"COME OOOONNNNNN!!!!!!" The chibi whined. She was dress in a black, long-sleeved sleeved shirt and bagged grey jeans with random feathers in her dark brown hair.

"No, Ming, shut up. I'm fine," Holo insisted as she flung the last spoon-full of her cereal at Ming. Direct hit.

"Holo-xian you should hurry up. The bus is nearing the street," another chibi pointed out. Her red and gold traditional Chinese outfit looked like fire against her pale skin and black hair.

"AW SNAPS THANKS FOR TELLING ME JIAO!!!!!!!!!!!" Holo screamed as she spazzed and bolted into her room.

----- exactly 7 and a half minutes later ----

"Jiao, is everything in my bag?"


"All my eggs and charas?"


"My homework?"


"My sketchbook?"


"My duct tape?"

"Yes! Now go!"

"I LOVE YOU FOREVER JIAO!!!!" Holo then proceeded to sprint out the door, but not before snatching Jiao out of the air and shoving her into her pocket.

And this, my friends, is why Jiao hates mornings. Holo shoves her in random pockets every day.

- - - - - - - – - - - -

Holo and Shana both go to the sama middle school. They have only two classes together though.
 In eigth period, they both have english so thats where they usually talk about things like boys, clothes, and partyin'. 
 They talk about things like The guardians, and group of kids who also have guardian characters, they're own charas, and their enemy. Ciese Mei and the evil company Halloween. Halloween is bent on destroying every pure hearts egg in their wake of finding the embroyo, and magical hearts egg that can grant you any wish. 

Today in english, they all have free-time to write or read. 
Shana was vary bored, so she wrote about things that happened recently. 

'My name is Hakumai Shana, and i just turned 12 years old. Right now i have one hatched chara named Micky. A chara is a kind of guardian angel, born from a hearts egg-everyone has a hearts egg by the way.  A single guardian character can stand for who you whant to be. People who dont have a character cant normally see other peoples charas.  The normal number or charas for someone to have is one, two at the most. There is a guardian, the joker position, who has four, but that was special. Until me and holo came along. 
I have about 48 charas total, but not all of them are out. Right now, theres 
  A. Micky, who has a leaf the polkadots. 
  B. The black egg with a blue swirl
  C. The golden egg with a belt/chain around it.
  D. The grey egg with a crimson spear, and golden chains.
  E. The red egg with a light blue squigle on it.
  F. The white egg with two light yellow slashes.
  G. Tsuins egg, who, (she hatched but then whent back in) 
Is a diamond pattern.
  H. Alastors egg. Alastor didnt actuly hatch yet, but i can talk with her/him. Alastors egg looks like a hearts egg,(a white egg with yellow wings) but alastor is half the size. And alastor has one yellow wing, and one green wing.'

Shana has a really complicated life.

- - - - – - - - - - - - - – - -

olo, being the strange child she is, decided to jot down random things during English.

    "I am Koshimizu Holo. I am 11. I was named after the wolf goddess of harvest and fertility, and sometimes I feel as though I am her. It's possible, because I have shugo charas. A shugo chara is a character that represents you're dreams, or in other words, who you want to be. Shana and I are the only people with over 4 charas. I have maybe 30 - 40 charas, but some have gone back inside me, and some I haven't met. A basic analysis of my charas/ eggs that are out right now:
1. Urufu - a sports chara (heritage = Japanese)
2. Nashi - an art chara (heritage = Japanese)
3. Taiga - a cooking chara (heritage = Japanese/ Italian)
4. Nyoko - a singing chara (heritage = Japanese)
5. Chii - a chara who likes hurting people (heritage = Russian_
6. Clang - a chara who enjoys her rice paddle(heritage = Vietnamese)
7. Kokuren - an Alice in Wonderland chara (heritage = Japanese)
8. Hyun-Ae - my half of the twin diamond duo (heritage - Korean)
9. Fable - a story-telling chara (heritage = British) 
10. Song - a singing and over all music chara (heritage = Chinese)
11. Ming - an animal-loving chara (heritage = Chinese)
12. Jiao - a dancing chara (heritage = Chinese)
13. Shishigami - like Shana's Alastor, I've never actually seen Shishigami, but I've spoken to it
14. Blue's egg - I actually am not sure what Blue is, but she has to do with something pure
15. Sunset egg - an egg with a sunset on it
16. Moon rise egg - an egg with a rising moon on it
17. Feather egg - an egg with a feather on it
18. Silver egg - a silver egg

Yes my charas have different heritages. They're weird."

- - - - - - - - - - - - – - - - - –

Directly after school today however, Shana and Holo were invited to the royal guarden, where the guardians meet, for a tea party...

---royal guarden---

"Shana and Holo are finally here!" 
     "Sorry it took us so long to get here!" 
"Your really late you know!" 

  Now readers, you should know what Holo and Shana have to do with the guardians, and what comprises of them. 

King- the king chair is held by Hotiri Tadase, and his chara Kiseki. 

Queen- the queen chair is held by Mashiro Rima and her chara KusoKuso.

Jack- the  jack is held by Fugisaki Nagihiko, and his charas Rythem and Temari. 

Ace- ace chair is held by Yuiki Yaya and her chara Pepe.

Joker- the fifth chair is held by Hinamori Amu and fer four charas Ran, Miki, Suu, And Dia. 

(Lastly) Twin Diamonds- The newest instalment of the guardians, Shared by Koshimizu Holo and Hakumai Shana. From earlier im sure you know their charas. 

So, now that you know the positions, we can finally start up the story again! 
  The guardians began their meeting, talking about latest XEgg reports (a type of hearts egg whose dreams are spoiled) and the everlasting search for the embroyo. Until they got a very unexpected visit from two agents from halloween! 

"Hello, Little king...!" 
  The cat theif Tsuskymi Ikuto!

"Holo. Shana." 
And The Dark flame herself! Ciese Mei!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - – - - - - - - - - -

 "AW SNAPS MAN!" Holo and Shana shouted in unison. 'Aw snaps' is a favorite quote of Holo and Shana's. 
       "ARRGG!!!! Don't say that!!" Mei does not like 'aw snaps'.
      Shana's and Holo's eyes narrowed. Shana knew that she should do something. "YOU'RE LATE FOR TEA!!!!!!" It seems, however, that Holo beat her to it. An awkward silence filled the air, broken only by that sound of Shana's munching on her melon bread. This is the basic over-view of how everyone looked after Holo's unnecessary statement:  

Mei: Dumbfounded

Ikuto: Bored

Tadase: Staring

Amu: Staring

Yaya: Fascinated

Rima: Shocked by how idiotic her friends can be 

Nagihiko (Nagi): Facepalm

Shana: Munching on melon bread

Holo: Standing up and pointing dramatically at Mei and Ikuto, the way people can only do in anime.

Let the story begin again.

    "TEA YES YOU'RE LATE FOR TEA!!!!!" Shana burst out, finishing her melon bread and pulling a stop watch out of nowhere all at once. Mei glared at her. "We're not here for tea!!"

    "Yes, but I may just be."

     And who was that, you ask? That was Solana, Shana and Holo's other long-time enemy. She used to work for the company Thanksgiving (why holiday names we don't know).

     "NOW THAT'S JUST GREAT!!! What, are you working for Halloween too?" Shana asked, exasperated that she would have to fight Solana and Mei working together. She better be getting aid in melon bread for this.

    "No, silly Shana," Solana scoffed. Then she grinned. "I work for a new company."

     "And what might that be?" Nagi wondered.

     Another scary grin from Solana. "I work for....." dramatic pause, "Valentines Day!"

     Holo only had one thing to say. "Aw snaps."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - – - - - - - -

A Phone Rang. It was so unexpected everybody jumped about an inch.

Mei cursed, then picked up the vibrating phone out of her pocket, and started listening to the person on the other end. “WHAT!? ...oh! Im so sorry...!”

meantime, Solana took that time to boast about her new position in valentines day.

Im The main agent they have, and our methods are even better then Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween!

Easter was a company Holo and Shana had never fought against; Christmas was the company Mei used to work for, Thanksgiving was a company Solana used to work for, and you already know about Halloween.
Christmas and Thanksgiving were companies that were also looking for the embroyo, but were also big on experimenting on humans. They took Holo and Shana when they were both still normal, and formed them into super-humans, re writing their hearts eggs. In a major battle, in an agreement because Shana and Holo won, Christmas and Thanksgiving were forced to turn them back. That was when Halloween rose out of nowhere and became our new main enemy.

Solana was still talking. “So now i'm gonna crush you! So hard that-”

Mei got off the phone. “No, your not. At least right now.” She grabbed Solanas arm and started hauling her away. “That was the companies on the phone. They need us both back at base for a meeting. Bye, guardians...”

Shana swayed, then fell back, falling on her butt with a small thud. She looked up at Holo. “Im starting to get a feeling that the shortest meeting always lead up to the worst things. Don't you?”

Holo blinked “I'm sorry, what? I was daydreaming about apples. Im REALLY hungry right now!”

- - - - - -

Nagi face-palmed. "The only thing you ever think about is food, Holo!" He shouted, causing Holo to flinch and hide behind Shana.

"I'm sorry alright!? I didn't eat anything yet today!" Holo whined, still cowering behind her flaming-haired best friend.

Nagi sighed. The only way to Holo's brain was through her stomach. "Okay, here," he said, and handed her an apple.

"Yay!!! Thanks, dude!" Holo cheered, before taking a huge bite out of the poor red fruit.

"What about meeeee????" Shana whined.

"Here," Holo said, whipping a random loaf of melon bread out of thin air, and handing it to Shana. Shana stuffed half the thing in her mouth, then shouted a messed up "thank you" through her full mouth.

"Gross!!!" Amu gasped, disgusted by our heroines' bad eating habits.

"Aw, shut up Pinky Girl," Holo said, finishing her apple and chucking the core at Tadase's head. It seems that Holo has pretty good aim. "You Japanese people have great eating habits, but Shana and I are American. We were born and raised this way~," She mused happily, then suddenly turned serious. "Anyway, what were you saying earlier, Shana?"

Shana finished her melon bread, chewing slowly to give herself time to think about how to word the strange feeling that was brewing in her. "I'm not sure...." she murmured. Then Shana turned her fiery eyes to meet Holo's own blood-colored orbs. "But something big is going to happen, I promise you that."

- - - - - - - - – - - - - - -

---after the meeting, as Shana heads home---

"Today sure whent by fast, didnt it?"
Shana looked at her tiny chara Micky, who was currently eating some cookie she found in Shanas bag.

Micky murmured something from within her mouthfull or crumbs

Shana blinked "Um...Okay?" 

Micky seemed strangely satisfied with that answer, because she turnes away and floated somewhere else along the street. 

Shana begins to think about the thoughts that were clouding her mind. 

'I've never really told anyone this straight-out, but there is a reason my name is Shana. I was named after a character in legend, a living flame. Sometimes I do feel like the legend, and to only complicates it more, my zodiac sighns element is fire. 
Sometimes its like im walking in the past, the legend of the living flame, but i never mention it. Maybe things will grow more parralell with these myths, and things will-'

Shanas thoughts were suddenly broken, for the myth seemed to be finally walking out of her imagination. 


Shana spun around, seeing and hearing multiple thingd. 

"Shana! Call upon the flame of heaven!" 

One characters from the myth, Margery Doe,
Wilhelmina Carmel, 
And Sakai Yuji.

And she  heard loads of  things.

"Sydony, so we meet again...!" 
"Bel-Peol, i believe its time we resumed our battle...!"
But most alarmingly-

"The master throne!? Hecate?!"

Its was such a mess of thoughts in her mind, Shana was almost glad she felt a pain as a sharp object meet her head and she blacked out. 

- - - - - - – - - - - - - - -

--- Holo parts ways with her friend to head to the art store ---

" was......interesting," Holo murmured.

"Holo......" Jiao looked concerned for the young girl.

Despite the strange feeling that had been clawing at her ever since Shana's clouded prediction, Holo forced herself to smile and wave off her chara's concern. "I'm fine, I'm fine," she forced at laugh. "Just tired is all."

The look on Jiao's faced showed that she didn't believe Holo, but she let it slide, gathering all of Holo's charas a little ways away and whispering things to them.

Holo stopped after a while and leaned against a lamp post. Once there she finally allowed the thoughts she had been pushing away since she had received her name "Holo" to flood into her mind.

'Shana and I are both have a reason why we are named after characters in stories. Shana's never told me her reason, or even told me that there is a reason, but I can just tell. In the legend, Holo is a wolf harvest deity, and Yoitsu is her original home in the North. While her original form is a giant wolf, sometimes Holo takes the form of a 15-year-old pagan girl, but keeps her wolf ears and tail as a sign of her pride as a wolf. Sometimes I think I am the wolf Holo. At times I feel as though the world is moving too slowly around me, and sometimes I know things that happened in Holo's time that no one has told me, that aren't in the textbooks. My instincts are more wolf-like than anything and-'

And then Holo didn't need to think anymore. The world had turned parallel, the snow still falling while fire raged around her. From the direction she had came, Holo could see a stake, where they used to burn witches in pagan times.

All she could see were walls of flames, and a mob of people swarming towards her. She heard people from the legend screaming her name, some with worry, some with anger, but one voice spoke louder than all of them, the voice of her instinct. It spoke one word, one simple command. "Run!"

Turning at full speed, Holo sprinted down the street icy, the conflicting voices and lights confusing her. Her feet slipped on the ice, and she went down. Her body sprawled in the middle of the street, Holo blocked out everything around her. As she slowly slipped into unconsciousness, Holo had one thought: 'Wouldn't it be nice to sleep under a tree in the snow....?'

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The feeling of metal on her hands...The feeling of endless power of existence...the confusion of how she can even feel the power of existence...and finally...the feeling of someone watching her...

First Shanas right eye opened, and then her left, but only to meet continuous darkness...

She knew where she was.


Seireiden was the headquarters of the Bal Masque,  An organization of Denizens who moved into the human world several millennia ago under the Grand Master and the God of Creation, the Sairei no Hebi. 
Every person has a certain ammount of power of existence, a, well, power or existence. 
  They came from a neighboring world, right next to ours, called the crimson realm. There are crimson lords, but some lords whant to take the power of existence for themselves and live forever. So the other crimson lords were forced to gang up and destroy their own kind in order to make peace. Bal Masque is a organazation of those crimson lords and their rinne, or, bluntly, their servents. 

Thats not the best description. Anyway, so the story continues! 

" you've done your research..."

A tall, well-built man wearing a pair of sunglasses and a dark colored suit stepped foreward from the darkness, making Shana realize that the darkness was only infront of her, and she was in a small patch of light. 

The man smirked. "But do you know who I am...?"

Shana breathed small breaths through her mouth, glaring at the man. "Your Sydonay...a crimson lord..." 

Sydonay smiled. "Very good...well, Flame-haired red-hot-eyed hunter, do you know why your here...?"

Shana sighed. She didnt know why the heck she was there, so she resorted to comedy the annoy the crimsom lord. "I dunno. Maybe bacause your tired of staring at all this grimy decor, and you whanted something" Shana then put on the most rediculous smile she could muster withought laughing. 

Sydonay frownd. "No."

Shana was starting to have fun. "Oh! So you like this decor...? I must say, its very 15th century! But, if you like big sweaty guys who dont shower, then go ahead!"

Sydonay's right eyebrow was staring to twitch. "No..."

Shana giggled like an airhead. "So, qhat are you going for then? Do you whant to be a perfect canidate for 'House hunters international'? Because you could certainly get a good price for this dumpy-"

Sydonay's jaw was clenching and un-clenching. "Look, Hunter, i dont know what the heck your going for, but if you dont coaperate  then you can just stay chained to that wall!" Sydonay said, then walkes away. 

When he was gone, shana sighed, her entertainment having walked away. Then she stiffened, having remembered Sydonay's parting words. 

"if you dont coaperate  then you can just stay chained to that wall!"

If she doesnt coaperate? What did he mean? 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pressure on her wrists. 'Rope,' she realized. Everything was dark to her. Her eyes were closed, but even if she opened them, it would still be dark. She would still be alone.

She did not want to be alone.

"Yue, Inty, Paro, Muri......where are you?" she murmured, her body shaking as though she wanted to cry. "Why can't I find you...? Why....?" She could not cry.

Holo's crimson eyes flew open, only to find herself propped up against a stone pillar, her hands bound behind her back. She was not alone. People were hidden in the shadows, watching her.

Holo's eyes narrowed into a predatory glare. "Are you going sit there watching me all day!?" She spat. "Or is one of you cowards going to come forward and tell me why you've brought me here!?"

A young girl, maybe 5-6 years older than Holo stepped out of the shadows. Holo's eyes widened. "Y-you are....."

The girl smiled. "Chloe," she finished.

A wolf-like growl rose in Holo's throat. "What do you want with me?"

Chloe's eyes were cold a malicious. "I'm sure you know why you're here."

Holo stared at Chloe. And stared. And stared. And then stared some more. "Hmm.....well, let's see, Chloe. If that is your real name!" Holo declared. 'Ah, comic relief. Sweet, sweet, comic relief,' she thought.

Chloe glared at our crazy little wolf. Said wolf was grinning like there was no tomorrow. "You brought me here because: A. You're a creeper; 4. You want to eat my brain; and Q. You want a dance partner~," Holo chirped, spurting out the first things that popped into her head. Chloe, on the other hand, was not amused.

"No," she said flatly. Holo tilted her head to the left, and then to the right, as if contemplating the situation at hand.

"So. You wanted a ghost hunter for your creepy castle!" Holo exclaimed, looking quite proud of herself.

Chloe glared. "No. You know why you're here. And until you take you're situation seriously, you'll stay in this room!" And with that, Chloe turned and walked back into the shadows. Soon all the presences were gone, following Chloe to where ever she had gone.

Holo sighed, shifting into a more comfortable position. She did, in fact, know why she was there. But she wouldn't admit it, to buy herself time. Closing her eyes again, Holo began trembling. "It seems I'm alone again....." she whispered to herself. Holo opened her eyes, and through a crack in the stone roof, she could see the North star. "Shana, where ever you are, I hope you're safe....."

- - - - - - - - - - -

But Shana was, in fact, far from safe. She was now in the Seireiden right now, arms chained, and her legs, patheticly, asleep. The only this she could do was try and think why she was there.

'Maybe...maybe I really am the flame haze Shana...or maybe its just one big mistake? ...well, no,i wont hope for that. Then they'd just kill me on spot...or take my power of existence away...whatever. Well, if I am really Shana, then maybe I have that big amount of power of existence and they would what to take...things aren't looking good for me...Hey! If I really am Shana, then I can do the cool things that she can do! Maybe I can blow this place up! ...there is a chance it will collapse and trap me too, but its my only shot right now.'

Shana sat as still as she could, focusing her mind on what flame haze were.

Well she was about to.

Shana! Have you forgotten about me?!” A small hearts egg with one yellow wing and one green wing rose in front of her now wide eyes. “Micky flew off somewhere, but I was on your jacket sleeping! You idiot! What have you gotten yourself into!”

Shana glared at the little egg. “Shut up. I didn't know any of the crimson world was real!” she whispered urgently.

The little egg made a laughing noise. “Well, obviously EVERYTHING is real!”

Shana shrugged. “Well, if you had JUST TOLD ME!” Shana was going to raise her voice into a yell, and she would've is Alastor didn't rush and run into her head.

Shana's eye was twitching. “What was that for!?”

Alastor was very serious now. “Look, we can continue this fight later. Right now we need to find out if you have what it takes to be a flame haze. You already took a oath before with me, remember?”

Shana blinked “Yeah...but what does this have to do with-”

Alastor continued. “A Flame Haze is a servant whose duty is to maintain the two world's balance. Each Flame Haze has contracted a Lord of Crimson Realm. Flame Hazes mostly fight against Crimson Denizens who consume great amounts of Power of Existence and endangers both worlds, although some work to restore the balance of the worlds that has been disturbed. When someone becomes a Flame Haze, they will have their existence burned, making them as if they never existed before. Flame Hazes become a new existence and live solely to protect the balance of the worlds. Now, compare that information to you.”

Shana stared at Alastor for a moment before continuing. “Ummm...How?”

Alastor sighed. “Well, your kinda saying like...if you have or your ready for any of those things.”

Oh! I get it now!” Shana gave a little laugh. “Sooo...Okay. I...I serve the world and keep its balance by purifying Xeggs?”

Very good.” alastor said. Alastor saw a spark stay and glitter in shanas flame-colored hair for a moment, but didn't mention it.

Shana continued. “I have made a contract with you, Alastor. I fight Any evil companies who make a great amount of Xeggs, which ruins childrens dreams, but I'm ready to start helping to maintain balance in both this world and the crimson world.” Shana's hair was now glittering with crimson light. “My power of existence will...DISSAPPEAR?! NO WAY MAN!” the crimson light stopped.

Alastor rushed forward. “No, No, wait! Because you have so many charas, we can maintain your power of existence so that you WONT disappear!”

Shana slowed breathing for a moment. “Time...” The Shana's breathing stopped altogether, like time was slowing down. Then time sped up, and the brick wall was blown to bits; revealing sky. A fire spread across the floor and soon it would engulfing the whole Seireiden. Shana, on the other hand, was a living flame, her Flame hair a dark crimson, flaming eyes sharper then before.

Alastor wiggled up to shanas ear to speak. “Summon the Nieteno no Shana!”

Shana nodded, then when to pull out a imaginry sword from a imaginary sheath. Surprisingly, she really did pull out a sword, the sword having flames bursting off of it. Now for the other item...Shana then pulled a black cape out of thin air, taking to hook it around her neck, actually putting it on would take up valuable time. Shana then lept out of the seireiden, sprouting large fiery wings.

She went to find Holo.