Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part Three

ahhhh...i remember writing the Mirage free verse poem i ever wrote. in my opinion, compared to the other messes i wrote after it.

I wrote the mirage-

wrote about the rose
the moon
the sun
the stars
the grey city
the mirage.
I wrote about the rose being taken
the moon and sun being born
the stars disappearing
the grey city falling apart.
the battle.
I wrote of the statue falling
the men falling.
the city falling.
the mirage boy saving the city.
saving the girl he loved.
I have created the city.
the rose.
the mirage with words,
words that will make a picture,
a story.
a mirage.
Mirage boy.
he was an angel.
sent from the stars.
his purpose was to make peace.
not to fall in love.
she was real.
flesh and bones.
Who am I you Ask?
I am real.
I am among you.
I live in this world.
I am Mar-Chu.


  1. Wow! I really like this poem. I'm amazed at your talent. I think you take after your great grandma you mentioned earlier. :)

  2. The whole 'Mirage' idea was formulated from a song, and a dream i was a completely awesome dream, and i dubbed it as 'Mirage City'.

  3. Wow! WIsh I could have an awesome dream like that. Sounds like an idea for a book too! :D

  4. was an awesome dream...but in the middle my violin teacher appeared, so that was random...he was playing basketball...