Friday, March 18, 2011

SP FanFiction- Part Three

March saw a blurry vision of her room, rubbing the tears that had been sliding down her cheeks. The time of day was almost twilight, the sun setting, getting closer to the ground that was bathed in orange.


March looked in the general direction of where Kallista's room was her eyebrows raised. What was that?


March got up, pressing a ear to the wall. It sounded as if something had crashed...


March shifted quickly into a mouse, using her radar-like ears to try and hear what was going on.

Then she heard someone scream. From the other direction of the hall.

March shifted to human, reaching the door in a few quick strides. What the heck was going on?

She tried the knob, then cursed when she saw it was still locked. That stupid fight!

March knocked tentatively. "Hello?" she called. "Anyone there?"


March spun around to see the air vent cap on the ground, and small cat tumbling out.

March relaxed. "Aquila!" she called, relieved.

The cat's whiskers twitched, and suddenly a 17 year old girl was in the place of the cat, her brown eyes fixed on March.

"Vampires." Aquila Felis whispered, shaking.

"Aw Snaps." March helped Aquila up, placing the cap on the window seat. "But- why come to my room?"

"I thought it would be safe for a bit, locked and all."



"Its locked from the outside."


"Oh is right."

March walked to the window. “You know,” she said. “We could probably turn into birds and fly out the window...”

(Authors Note: Does that show up red? Don't know why...)

March tried to open the window, but didn't quite know how since it was the first time she had tried. She yanked it, but all she got was the sound of screeching metal.

Um, Mar?”


I think its rusted.”

March cursed. “Stupid rain.” she paused. “Deja Vu...”

March walked over to the desk and lifted her black bag off of the desk chair, in turn lifting the chair and placing it under the door handle.

"This probably wont work..." She muttered. "But It's worth a shot..."

A series of shots echoed from the hallway, making the two shape shifters looked at the door in alarm.

Aquila rubbed her shoulders, looking around the room. "Its a unnerving feeling..." she said. "When you know theres a killer out there, multiple killers, and you have no way of knowing they're going to pounce."

March snapped her fingers. "That's it!" she exclaimed.

March went to her dagger, which was still wedged deep in the door. March grasped it, seeing how easy it would come out. March wiggled it back and forth, biting her bottom lip.

"Aquila." she gasped. "Help me with this."

Aquila locked her arms around March's stomach, and yanked, the dagger, March, and herself sliding a bit backwards.

"More!" March said between gritted teeth.

The dagger popped out, causing Aquila and March to land in a heap, the dagger held above them like a prize.

Standing up, March looked through the peep hole the dagger had made. She mentally congratulated herself for being such a good aim.

The hallway was in the shadows of the nearing twilight, but nothing looked wrong. Then, a scream echoed down the hall, with bullet shots to follow. March blinked. Where were the vampires?

A vampire shot down the hall, going at a alarming speed. Another vampire followed, but stopped in front of March's door. He looked at the hole, and smiled, like he knew a secret. Then he took off after his friend. March then realized the sick and terrifying truth about this. It was a stealth attack, and it wouldn't surprise March is there were even some mages who didn't know what was going on.

March sank to the floor as Aquila looked through, twirling a bit of her hair around and around. "Snap." she whispered. "Snap snap snap snap."

As if in response, five bullets were shot.

March raised her eyebrow in amusement. March stood up, and slung her white vest onto her shoulders and slipped her boots on.

"Aquila." she said. "We need to get out of this room.”

Aquila looked at her quizzically. “How?”

March grinned. “Easy. We try and break into Israel's mind and get him to remember he locked me in here.”

And how exactly do we do that?” Aquila raised an eyebrow.

The door unlocked and swung open, Israel standing there with his shotgun in hand. “You already did.”

March grinned, waving her hands in the air. “Ta-daa!”


  1. OMG FREAKIN EPICA!!! Your stories are amazing! And you depicted Israel so well!
    Wow, this is amazing! Awesome style, filled with equal amounts of comedy, action, small talk and awesomeness. So sorry for not commenting on the earlier posts, i have been a bit busy. This is so freaking awesome... Great work!


  2. *cheeks go bright red*

    he he...its not...that you really think that...?

  3. i've gotten comments on my stories that say-


    or "Sweet!"

    and short things like that...i've actually taken to looking at peoples faces when they read to know the real truth...but since all of you people are in other parts of the world i cant do that now, can i...?

  4. WOOT!



    can i b in it?!


    (im taling ur silence as a yes!)

  5. Mar, dear. Do not doubt what we say. Your stories are awesome! :D
    I enjoy reading them!
    So quite doubting and write some more!

  6. Nyx- Eventually, yes, i think you ARE going to be in it.

    Kallista- heh, thanks...