Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part Seven

If you think this is good, i will tell you over and over again that its NOT!

I'm not normal.
I've faced that fact. The point is, I can never live a normal life. Its not like im a nerd or something like that. I'm a...actuly I don't know what I am. a general term in my case. Wether im a human, monster, object...that will be decided when I see the council. All the answers...finally.

~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~

“You ready?” How could he think I was ready!? I'm going to a new school, In a whole knew county of America, So I don't know anyone...I think I'm gonna barf.

“I guess..” Barf.

“Dont worry! This is where you were born! You can-”

“Then why did we move to Japan?” I scoffed. Im not the friendliest when it comes to new things. And this was definatly new.

“I..well...It was...” my Dad wasn't the best at explaining things under pressure.

I guess I should explain to YOU, shouldn't I? Even though you shouldnt be reading this, however you got your little grimy hands on it. But If someone IS reading this, I swear. I WILL hurt you.

Ten facts about me.

One. My name is Shana Kokoro Mizuki Naiya Zachuro Tsuki Eternal. My parent couldnt decide on my name when I was born, so viola. A freakish name for dissaster.
Two. I am 13 years old. Not really a backstory on that, is there?
Three. I grey up in Japan, but now I've moved to some weird little town around New York, America.
Four. My mom is never around at home. She works for the government or something...
Five. My dad, Is always home, writing stories...which he never finishes.
Six. The school I'm going to is called Blue Moon Middle school.
Seven. I have black hair with Blue dyed streaks at the ends.
Eight. I have one Blue eye, and one green eye.
Nine. I'm running out of things to say....hey, thats a fact, isnt it?
Ten. Im stepping out of the car, and ending this ten questions thing because is getting on my nerve.

“Bye.” I wispered to my dad, leaning out of the car, remembering to bring my messanger bag.
Later, all of the other kids would give me weird looks as I walked down the hallway, my face frozen in a glare.
I wont...I cant fail! I...I can make this better! It WILL work!

Until I met Clang, Anah, and the mysterious angel and devil...

“Who's the new chick?” delinquent boy. A player. Jerk.

“You dont care...right? I'm the only girl you like! Right...?” Wanna be. Class airhead. Jerk.

Look at that! Isnt that a recipie for dissaster? I only just sat down at the desk when they came over and inspected be like some farm animal. I absoulutely, positivily, HATE that!

“Urusai.” I nodded my head in there diractions.

“What did you just say? Freak?” seemed they didnt know japanese. Perfect.

“Urusai no Bakas.” translation: Shut up Idiots.

“Dont worry Bethany...its just idiot speak.” Queen Bee. Class Hottie. I wanted to bite her.

“And who...” The Queen Bee paused. “Do you think you are?”

She said it like she was bored with me already. I REALLY wanted to bite her!
I had delt with girls like this st my old school, but never like this...with such an air around them thet everybody HAD to look at you when you walked in the room!

Standing up, I looked the Miss queen bee right in the eyes and said to her face-

“If I were to tell you that your teeny winsy little brain might not understand it” I made sure to use my high pitched baby voice.

Thank god the bell rang just then. I REALLY would have bitten her.

This is NOT going as I planned it... Is it?