Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SP FanFiction Part Six

"We don't know what March's mother did, but it affected Dusk in some way that it makes him want to kill March." Kallista said, rapping her knuckles on the table lightly.

"So it would be sensible that we find out before he comes to kill me again." March reasoned.

Dragona sharpened one of his katana swords. "But where can we find the answer?"

"Are there any other shape shifters in Dublin?" Israel asked Aquila and March.

Aquila frowned. "Not that I know of."

"Maybe there's something in the apartments and houses i used to live in as a kid." March said, jumping up.

"How many houses?" Dragona asked.

"A couple." March smiled. "But we can split up in separate groups."

"With just us, the groups wont be even." Kallista pointed out, counting everyone.

"Oh. I know..." March chuckled.

Aquila frowned "What are you talk-"

March put the iphone to her ear, smiling. "Hi Thalia!"

* * *

March knocked on the door, tapping her foot impatiently. Looking around the bland farm, she had a weird thought of Skulduggery Pleasant dressed as a cowboy and riding a horse.

A small voice came from behind the door. "What's the password?"

"Oh come on! Not again!" March wined.

"What is it?" the voice persisted.

"Ah...Vampires Suck."

"No. That's only a movie."

"Oh yeah..." March stuck out her tongue. "Mercury Lamp?"


"Mir, what are you doing?" Another voice from the other side asked.

"guarding the door."

"so whats the password? Did she get it?"


"You forgot the password, didnt you?"


"So whats the password?"


The voice sighed, then the door was slowly unlocked to Mir's protests.

Standing in the door was a teenage girl with black and and a golden hair, and a shorter girl about the same age as March with brown hair.

March grinned. "I'm baaaaaaaack!"


Israel and Aquila opened the door to a small apartment, a few dust particles flying in the air.

"This is it?" Aquila asked.

Israel nodded. "This fits the description, and the key fit." He said, holding up a small key March had given him.

"What are we supposed to look for?" Aquila asked.

"Anything that may give us a clue." Israel answered.

Aquila walked into a small hallway to the right, clicking on a light. There were three pictures on the wall, and Aquila spotted fiery hair in two of them.

She walked to the nearest one, blowing the dust away. It was a picture of a group of mages, all smiling and with fire in their hands. Aquila identified them as elementals.The second photo had a small spider crawling on it, and Aquila had to brush it away. Photo two was a picture of a twenty year old woman with long, flaming red hair, weilding a ruby sword, much like March's rubby dagger.

Was this...March's mother?

Quickly moving to the third photo, Aquila's breath was quick. The third photo seemed to be a family one. A younger March sat smiling on a twenty year old mans lap, her mother standing next to them. The man had midnight black hair, with sparkling blue eyes, much like March's eyes. Aquila reconized him fron the first photo, and so he must be an elemental.

That must be March's father.

Aquila ran back to the door, looking for Israel. She ran to the kitchen, but Israel was not to be found.

Then all the windows in the apartment shattered.


Kallista Pendragon and Dragona Pine stared at the small house, puzzled looks on their faces. 

"This is where March used to live?" Kallista asked.

"In her younger years, I assume." Dragona replied.

Kallista looked out the window, seeing the friendly neighborhood that didn't seem like it had any secrets. But that's what she had always thought before she discovered magic.
"Sooo..." Dragona said. "There isnt any trace of anyone living here..."

"Tell me about it..." Kallista muttered, running a finger across the dust covered counter.

"No, really. Theres no picture, no family keepsakes." Dragona muttered, opening a drawer to a table, only to see nothing.

The sound of shattering glass made both their heads jerk up, to a back room. Kallista summoned a flame in her hand, and quickly walked to the source of the sound. 
Dragone turned to follow, when someone cleared their throat behind him.

Dragona spun around to see...The Skeleton Detective, Skuldugery Pleasant!


"I've missed this place so much!" March chimed, running through the rooms and turning on the lights, Mir hot on her heels. March had lived here with her grandparents when she had been little, and it had been nearly fourty years since she had last visited it. Meanwhile, Mira Block and Thalia Circe, her good friends, had lived at the house whenever they were in the area.

"We've kept it in good shape!" Mir said, grinning.


"Thalia didn't break anything."

"Oh. Well that's good."

"But I did." Mir muttered behind March's back, not intenting her to hear.

However, March spun around, shocked. "What?!"

"Nothing." Mir quickly blurted out.

March raised an eyebrow, but continued to the next room. She turned on the light, and...

"Hey wait!" Mir screamed.

...March Fell into thin air.


Yup. My mind is looking for exciting things at the moment, so expect some...odd twists...

Completely mind-blowing, spectacular odd twists, but twists all the same. 


  1. LOL AWESOME Mar! I love it! You are such an amazing writer! XDDDD
    Thanks for posting!

  2. :D EPICA! Great writing Mar, full of suspense and 'odd twists' :P

    The glass shatters!? O_O WHat's happening to them?!, Skulduggery in a cowboy suit...

  3. Awesome Mar! And of course I didn't break anything, I'm not clumsy at-

    *trips over air and lands on random lamp, breaking it*

    Aw snaps....