Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part Five


My eyes closing for the last time,
the darkness coming in,
I thought of the battle.
The rose
the music the night made
the sun and moon,
and the mirage.
his soul.
His voice
his smile
his laugh
his strife.
His life
his power
his love.
how I loved him.
How I saved him two times over,
now entering the calmness.
How he saved me two times over,
a mirage no longer.
The mirage.
how I loved him.
But for loving a mirage there comes a price,
my children always walking with A burden.
The burden the sun and the moon.
Her and him,
sun and moon,
moon and sun.
I remember the battle.
The fire that set alight the city,
when the statue fell.
Now 98,
I still remember the pain of the battle.
The heat...
The mirage...
No one should suffer the pain he suffered.
I want to be with him.
he welcomed me with open arms.
My eyes closing for the last time.