Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part Four

hah. memory lane...

The Mirage-

the night woke up.
the music began.
the clock stroke 12.
I jumped out.
accross the city.
into the forest.
I heard pain of others.
I grew determined.
returning home, I found a rose from the boy,
the one who loved.
Journeying to the sea, I found the one.
He saw me, Turning to run.
I stopped him, tears forming.
all else was quiet.
"Tell me."
He began.
The battle began.
He turned, and suddenly I was infront of him,
protecting the one I loved.
The stars dissapearing.
He was a mirage.
he could not die.
I was real.
I could.
Then the stars shone.
Ripping through the darkness.
His lips meeting mine before he dissapeared in the clouds.
To appear again.
When the Battle Continued.
He, the boy I loved.
the mirage
The clouds formed again over time.
covering the stars.
15 years had passed
I had met the boy who Loved me.
the boy with the rose.
not the one with the mirage.
The sun,
The moon,
they both came together,
living in our gray city.
he came.
The battle had begun again.
destroying the city.
rain pouring.
The sun sought the dawn,
the moon the twillight.
day and night.
him and her.
the moon and sun,
sun and moon.
the mirage.
the rose.
The Battle.
the smoke.
the fighting.
I ran to him.
the mirage boy.
history repeated.
he could not die.
I can.
as I closed my eyes, the moon and sun fought.
for peace.
the statue fell.
the men fell.
the city grew older.
then the stars shone.
the mirage boy saving the city.
not a mirage any longer.
and the stars shone once more.
the moon and sun paying tribute.
tribute to the mirage that saved my life.