Friday, March 18, 2011

SP Fanfiction- Prolouge

March Pathway lingered outside her door for a moment, before quickly shifting into a main coon cat and sprinting down the long hallway of Elysium Asylum.

She slowed, keeping to the shadows as a mage she had seen in the common staggered by, obviously drunk.

With a flick of her tail, March continued forward, more cautious this time. Her ears pricked upwards, hearing the thunder of the storm outside. Her whiskers drooped. As a cat, she instinctively didn't like rain.

She slinked lower to the ground, planning to dash down the stair case in a few seconds. At the top, she gathered all her weight in her hind legs and sprang, her kitty muscles working on high alert. She made it halfway down, wincing a bit on the impact. Reaching the bottom, she back stepped into the shadows, eyes detecting the smallest of movements.

She was just about to bolt towards the door when a mage came into view. 'Snap.' she thought.

Israel Elysium stopped, frowning. He looked to where March was hiding. "Mar Chu." he said. "I know your there."

March glared at him as she prowled out of the shadows, sitting in front of him with her tail curled neatly around herself. She sank her claws into the carpet slightly.

Israel sighed. "Mar Chu, you know you can't go outside for a few days."

The March-Cat glowered at him.

"If you hadn't picked a fight with that vampire, you wouldn't be in this situation." he finished, seeing her displeasure.

March instantly shifted into a human, fuming.

She leapt to her feet, hands in fists. "How was I supposed to know he was working with Dusk?" she yelled.

"Mar Chu..." Israel started.

"And its not my fault Dusk seems to want to kill me!"

"Mar Chu..." Israel repeated.

"I don't even know why Dusk hates me! He just does!" March stomped a foot.

"March." Israel said sharply, throwing her nickname aside.

March's eyes burned silently. She opened her mouth, then shut it.

"I don't know why he hates you. None of us do. Maybe you'll find out later, but there's really no excuse for you to go outside. Its best you stay here."

March looked at her feet.

Israel's gaze softened. "Just please try and stay here until the end of the week. Three more days. Then we'll see if theres any change."

March reluctantly nodded, trudging back to her room. It wasn't that large, but it wasn't that big. It had a basic queen sized bed and a bathroom that connected. A small writing desk was across from the bed, where March had her black bag of clothes parked. March walked to the window seat, where she was able to watch the rain fall in sheets. She had mixed feelings about rain. As a cat, she thought it was wet and cold and had nothing likeable, But as a human she thought it had a calming aura.

March went to her white vest, which she had left on one the bed posts. In the pocket was a iphone. She turned it on, fumbling with it for a moment. She cursed, dropping it on the ground.

Leaning down to pick it up, she spotted a small lump under the bed. Crawling further, she noticed it as a brush she had abandoned last night. She decided to leave it there, glaring at it and the large clumps of her Crimson hair that had been pulled out.

March stood up, dumbfounded at what to do next. Then...a little idea popped into her mind, screaming at her to be noticed.

March walked to the door, and smiled like a cheshire cat as she walked outside to the hall. However, standing in her place, was a pit bull puppy. With a habit of chewing things.


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  6. LOL this is awesome! Thanks heaps for putting me in it.

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    But I'm still kinda getting used to Israel's power, so it may be interesting in the future...
    By the way, how damaged are you prepared for Elysium Asylum to be...?

  8. Awesome job! I think my eyes are bulging from greatness!