Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part Two

heh. this idea ran for awile...

Duplicate Me-

Kaadi tugged a grey, hole-less hat onto her head. It was dusk, when everyone in this city was awake. She slipped on a black bullet proof jacket, something she had to bargain a lot for at the market. Kaadi looked out her window, scanning the city. They were a peace with the other neighboring countries, but the city still looked like a bomb was set off a day earlier. But that wasn’t true. It was set off a month ago.
 More then half the population of the city had died. The few remaining had struggled to live through the first week. But thanks to the remaining government, and the army, the city had survived the first month.
 Even so, many buildings lay on the ground, and rubble of various things lay on the street. Even the people still looked beat.

 Kaadi jumped smoothly through the window, landing neatly in the alley-way. She was turning onto a crowded street when she reached in the jacket pocket and realized she had forgotten her ID. Better not get caught this time.
 It was at dusk she walked the streets, viewing the growing population.

'Wow.' she thought. 'Ten more and its a quarter as much as what we had before.'

 The city before, was overly crowded. When the bomb set off, there was as much people left as their was in a city from around the 2000's. But being 4037, that was very little for a city.

 Kaadi stopped, staring up at the Army's building. That was large, but a little smaller then the capitol building. The army had been the one to run everything after the bomb. They enforced new laws, they gave everyone food, they housed everyone, and nearly half the current population hated them. But that, my dear readers, is a story for another time.

 There was a loud banging, as a staff was shot from down the street, crazy laughter to be heard. In the bomb explosion, many soldiers were killed from our city, and theirs. Many staffs and equipment was left lying there, out on the street. So naturally, many people took them and used ‘em.

 Yes, you read right. A staff is our modern day gun. Except it can do WAY more then shoot someone. It looks nearly identical to a gun, but has a special computer chip codes that allow it to communicate telepathically with the owner. Every staff has a unique insignia that allows it to be recognized.

 Kaadi quickened her pace to the noises, opening the flap of the bag strapped to her leg. The familiar ‘Hello master’ greeted her in her mind, her very own Staff recognizing her.
 Kaadi pushed her way through people running the opposite direction from the madman, pulling the Staff out of its holster.

What is your plan, master?’ the staff inquired.

Kaadi paused, pursing her lips. ‘Drill four, sequence three.’

The staff began to load, its insignia illuminating white. A small hook shot off of the front when Kaadi finally got to the end of the crowd, zooming towards the man. It hit his gun, yanking it out of his hands. It was being brought towards Kaadi when-
Master! Above you!’

Kaadi looked up to see the army’s crafts flying closer to this spot, the hatches opening and the soldiers jumping out, loaded with two Staffs per person.

'You should run.' The staff said into Kaadi's mind.

'No kidding.' Kaadi shoved the Staff back into its holster, leaving the mad mans Staff in the street. She weaved through the crowd, sprinting. The army had seen her, and they would think she had been the one shooting, since Kaadi had already taken the mad mans Staff.
The army soldiers were close behind.
She leapt into a opening in a fallen building, weaving through the rubble. She was well trained in agility, from trying to make it back before curfew. Sadly, she often forgot her ID and they were used to following her.

Kaadi, lost in thought, nearly didn't hear her staff say something.

'Master! Its another Master in front of-'

Kaadi collided head on with the other person, an explosion of white the only thing Kaadi could see for a few seconds. As her eyes began to see again, someone grabbed her wrist, pulling her away from the army. Kaadi blinked rapidly, trying too see who it was. And when she did, she wished she hadn't.
 It was none other then her Duplicate. Surprise Surprise Surprise...