Friday, March 18, 2011

SP Fanfiction- Part Two

Israel Elysium walked in front, Dragona Pine and Kallista Psndragon talking about zombies behind him.

He turned to both of them, a serious look on his face. "Lets talk about what we found in the dining room, over some food."

Dragona nodded. Kallista started to say something, but her rumbling stomach cut her off.

Dragona and Israel continued forward, laughing, as the flustered Kallista followed them.

However, at the dining room doors he stopped, frowning.

Kallista looked at him. "What is it?" she asked.

Israel sighed, and said "Prepare yourselves..." before opening the door.

March Pathway sat cross legged on the table, frowning and glaring at the trio.

"You left without me." she said.

Israel looked at the small girl, raising his hand. "Mar Chu, it was just a small notice about-"

"Vampires." March cut in.

Dragona stepped forward. "Who told you that?"

"That mage in the common room. I didn't quite believe him, but you asking that just proved it."

Dragona glared with equal annoyance at March.

Kallista looked back and forth. Neither of the two blinked.

"Mar Chu, Dragona, stop glaring at each other." Israel said slowly.

Dragona glanced at Israel, then looked at March, a little less annoyed.

March shook her head. "No." she said. "You left me behind."

"Stop being so sensitive about it." Dragona said, shaking his head.

March's eyes burrowed into Dragona. "I'm not being sensitive!" she snapped.

"Touchy..." Dragona muttered.

"Dragona..." Kallista warned.

"March..." Israel took a step towards March.

March sprang at Dragona, flying through the air. She was angry, being left behind always made her angry Israel had noticed, but she had never said anything about why.

Dragona stood stock-still, a colder glare forming, directed at March.

Israel held March back around her waist, the small girl thrashing around, trying to get at Dragona.

"March." He said calmly.

March still thrashed, trying to squirm out of Israels grip.

Dragona was still glaring at March. "Didn't your mother ever tell you its rude not to be understanding?"

March's eyes flared. "Your the one not being understanding, you-"

Kallista spoke up. "Hey, lets not-"

 Israel gasped as March stomped on his foot, wiggling out and darting across the floor to Dragona.

Dragona merely pushed at the air with his palm, sending March skidding across the room. Mar flew through the air, landing on the table with a thud and knocking some plates to the ground, the plates shattering.

Kallista stood there, dumbfounded at whose side she should be on.

March advanced on Dragona again, yanking a frypan from the table. She launched the frypan at him with as much force as she could muster, growling.

Dragona leapt to the side, the frypan hitting the wall, making a dent. He pushed at the air again, March again flying through the air.

Israel ignored the throbbing pain in his shin, and grabbed March as she flew into him.

"March." He seethed, ticked off. "Maybe you need to stay here longer, because it seems you can't calm yourself over something stupid."

March's head snapped at Israel. "Its not-"

"Room." He said. "Now."

March opened her mouth, then closed it, hands balled into fists. She walked stiffly out of the room. She looked back one time over her shoulder. If looks could kill, they would be dead.

When March got back to her room, she shut the door, leaning against it and breathing evenly. Ever slowly, a smile spread across her lips. She wasn't regretting what she had gotten into last night as a put bull.

She heard Kallista and Dragona walk down the hall, talking softly. A few seconds later, she heard Dragona go to his room and shut the door.

March tip toed over to her bed, grabbing with her ipod and pretending to be fascinated with it.

Then- "MARCH!"

March tried not to smirk as Dragona flung open her door, holding one lump of leather that had once been a shoe.

"Where's the other one?" He growled.

"Oh my!" March exclaimed, pretending to be shocked. "How did it get that way?"

"Where is it...?" Dragona asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I don't know what your talking about." March waved it off.

Then she burped, and the smell of italian leather wafted in the room.

March launched herself off the bed as Dragona leapt at her, a fireball in his hand. March landed on the seat of her jeans, shifting into a cat and crawling under the bed. Dragona's boots landed where March had just been. Dragona's palm reached under the bed, feeling the air. March panicked, starting to crawl out, snaking around the brush. Dragona snapped his palm, sending the March-Cat and the brush flying out from under the bed.

To crash right into Israel's boots.

"You two!" He roared. "Stop this stupid fight!" Israel picked March up by the scruff of her neck, tossing her onto the bed. His eyes dug into Dragona, warning him not to do anything else stupid.

Dragona walked out of the room, head down. March heard the door slam down the hallway.

She curled up on the bed, trying her best to avoid Israel's gaze.

"March Pathway. Stay here." He closed the door with a thump, and March heard to her anger the lock clicking unto place.

March leapt up, shifting into human form. "Oi!" she screamed.

March heard Israel's voice on the other side. "Stay here for a day. Then come down and we'll see if you can control yourself."

March yanked her ruby dagger from the floor, and launched it at the door. It sank in, but she knew she didn't hit Israel. March stalked to the window seat, and sank into it. Curling up her legs, she laid her head in her arms, cursing.