Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part Nine-Skulduggery Fanfic

well look! an old Skulduggery fanfic i never finished!

{Echo Memories} Skulduggery Pleasant Fan fiction. {Part One: A Shovel, A Rice paddle, and Some Coffee.}

"Did Mir pick up?"

"No...I'm getting worried. I'm going to go over there and check."

"Well I'm not coming. The last time we met, she took one of Mar's 'muffins of death', and tried to hit me with it."



  Soot Featherwing shut the door behind her, zipping up her sweatshirt. There was a cill in the air, as the leaves twirled around. A orange streak of hair flew into Soot's mouth. She brushed it away, thinking what could be wrong with Mir. Mira (Mir) Block wasn't the nicest girl in ireland, and she wasn't the best handler of a grudge. She taunted the person, then when they were going to hurt her she surprised them and scarred them for life. Soot was certainly glad she was Mir's friend.
 Soot got on her motor bike, satisfied when the engine roared to life again. Weaving through the streets of Dublin, Ireland, she pondered on why Mir wasn't responding to anything.

'Maybe she got surprised this time...thats completely unrealistic.'


The door was shut, and wouldn't budge when Soot kicked it. Soot spotted a shovel in the yard, and repeatedly hit the door until it caved in. Tossing the shovel aside, Soot stepped across the foyer and was immediately jumped on from behind!

"Get off me!" Soot screamed, tugging at the lump on her. Strong but small arms locked around her neck, and that was a definite warning sign that whoever it was meant harm.
 Soot dashed into the hallway some more, and fell back onto the wall, hearing a satisfying "OOPH!"

"Get off of me!" Soot screamed again, tossing the figure back and forth. "Where is Mir?!"

"She's on your back." Soot jerked up to look further down the hall, where March (Mar) Pathway stood, her hand alit with fire.

"What do you mean she...Mir. GET OFF OF MY BACK!" Soot tossed Mir down, pulling out her rice paddle from her sweatshirt pocket for defense.
 Mir's mess of brown hair was still the same: a giant fuzzy blob. Her chestnut eyes were forced in a glare, and she was running a hand through her hair. Soot looked up as Mar literally fluttered past, yanking the door and securing it. Mar's red mess was long and as wild as ever, bouncing with every step she took.

Mir stood up, zipping up her bullet proof jacket. "Was that really necessary?" her face was still forced in a glare.

Soot blinked a couple times. "Mir, your face may say you were annoyed, but your thinking 'Oh my god that was awesome!'"

Mir walked into the kitchen, turning on the light. "Stupid mind readers..." She muttered.

Mar laughed a little. "Don't mind her. We were out of ingredients for brownies this morning."

"Brownies for breakfast?" Soot raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"I dunno. She wouldn't leave me alone." Mar walked to the kitchen as well, leaving Soot the follow.

 The kitchen had a theme of light brown and light blue. There was a faint smell of coffee in the air. Sure enough, Mir was sitting at the counter, drinking a cup of coffee

Soot set down her rice paddle. "So, why weren't you picking up the phone?"

"Mir got into another fight, and the person turned out to be a powerful adept mage." Mar explained, sipping some tea.

Mir's face was bright red. "It was his fault..." She murmured, stirring her coffee around and around.

Soot shook her head. "Never mind that. I need Mir to help me sort out one of Ariana Act's problems again."

Mar raised an eyebrow quickly. "What is it now?"

"I don't know. Something about a cookie, probably."


Mar Pathway smiled at the people who passed by, waving every now and then. It was a completely regular morning, or at least it seemed.
 Mir had gone with Soot to Ariana's bakery, and Mar had politely declined the invitation to go and decided to take a walk instead.
 Mar jumped in the air lightly, her hair rising up around her. Holding out her hands for balance, she gently floated to the ground a few feet away. In total Mar weighed one pound. Her bones were basicly bird bones, lighter then feathers.
 Mar was lost in thought. Slipping her hands into her vest pockets, she recalled what had happened the night before.

The door had knocked at exactly eight o'clock, and Mar had foolishly opened it, wondering if it was the pizza she had ordered over twenty minutes before. Ten more minutes and it would be free...

"March Pathway." Skulduggery Pleasant said, his partner Valkyrie Cain next to him. Mar jerked back in surprise The Skeleton Detective!

"Y-Yes?" Mar answered shakily.

"May we come in?"

Mar frowned. "What for?"

"Matters that should be spoken of inside." Skulduggery said.

"Thats not really an answer."

"Its about Dusk." Skulduggery nodded his head. "May we come In now?"

Mar stood aside for them to walk into the small victorian style house, her mouth open slightly as if she were going to say something. Leading them into the living room, Mar gestured for them to sit. Skulduggery chose to stand. Valkyrie sat on the edge of a chair. Mar in turn sat on the couch.

"So?" She asked. "What about Dusk?"

Valkyrie answered. "He was last seen in this area."

"What?!" Mar's hair stood on end, her eyes widening.

"Along with two infected." Skulduggery finished.

Skulduggery had then told Mar that she should stay inside, or at the very least be on her guard. Then they had politely declined Mar's invitation for a cup of tea, which relieved Mar, for she actually didn't have any tea, it was just first instinct.
 However, Mar hated being indoors, so she just decided to have her guard up. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when the sidewalk was blown to bits, throwing Mar into the air...


"OY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR 'DOIN?!" Ariana Act launched her latte at Soot and Mir, who then jumped out of the way.

"Ariana! Its only us!" Soot waved her hands back and forth franticly, trying to calm Ariana down.

Ariana Blinked. “Oh.” she stated. “Its you.”

Mir sighed. “Dude, don't you EVER throw a latte at me AGAIN!”


That doesn't sound very convincing!”

Fine. I will never ever throw my latte at you again.”

Say it with feeling!”


Why you-”

GUYS!” Soot yelled, holding her hands apart between them to prevent them from lunging at each other. “Ariana!” she turned to Ariana. “Why did you call Mir and Me down here?”

Ariana's face turned dead serious. “I need your help to hunt Billy-Ray Sanguine down.”

again?!” Mir and Soot said simultaneously.

YES Again!”

...Fine.” Soot said, shrugging.

Mir pouted for a moment. “...Whats in it for me?”

if we find him you can hit him first.”



Mar slammed into a girl. A flying girl. She had short blonde hair to her shoulders, and shocked green eyes. The girl was wearing a white blouse and grey skinny jeans.

Whoa!” The girl jerked to a halt, but then realized she wasn't moving...and quickly dropped to the ground. Mar landed on the girl, looking around with wide eyes.
The street was in ruin. Large chunks of asphalt had been over turned, and the little greenery on the sides were burning. Mar heard a soft moaning and looked down to see the girl.

Oh! I'm so sorry!” Mar exclaimed, leaping up and lending a hand to the girl.

It...It's okay..” the girl murmured, taking Mar's hand. “My names Norah Keb.”

Mar blinked “Oh! Hi! My names-”

A man in black leapt at Mar and Norah, a sword in his hand.

Get back!” Mar jumped in front of Norah, in her hand a ruby dagger. She jumped over the man, tucking her legs to her stomach. She swiped her dagger at the man. “Leado ledo.” Mar whispered, using the latin word for hit.

However, this seemed to enrage the man. “why you little $@#&!” (befuddled)

Thats not very nice!” Mar pursed her lips, pouting.

All I was told to do was to get rid of you!”


All. I. Was. Told. To. Do. Was. KILL YOU!”

The man dashed at her, sword flashing. Mar gasped in pain as it made contact with her arm, leaving a deep gash.

You just don't like being nice, don't you?”

The man roared, going to end it when...

I leave you for one day, and already someone is trying to kill you.” A bullet shot through the man's shoulder, making him scream. “That was payback for what you did to this girl over here.” a fireball hit the man in the stomach. “That was for blowing a perfectly nice street to bits.” the man was thrown back by a mighty gust of wind, making him land with a sickening THUD! “That was just for being a mean person.”

Skulduggery Pleasant walked in front of Mar and Norah, revolver in hand. Valkyrie Cain ran over to the man, checking his pulse.

She stood up. “He's dead.” she stated, looking towards Skulduggery.

Skulduggery simply shrugged. “I don't think it's anyones loss. He didn't seem the type to make many friends.”


Soot guided her motor bike to a stop, before a dark house. In fact the entire street was dark, the only lights those of her bike. Behind her was a 1998 Lincoln Continental, where Ariana was driving and Mir was sitting shotgun.

A few seconds later Mir walked up behind Soot. “Is this really it?”

Ariana said.” Soot shrugged.

But most of the time she's wrong, isnt she?”


Ariana joined them. “There were cracks on the wall.”

Mir looked at the ground. “There are cracks on the ground.”


It could've been an earthquake.” Soot pointed out.

Er...there's no exact proof.”

Mir pointed to a newspaper with the words 'EARTHQUAKE LAST WEEK'.

Ariana smiled thinly. “Well. What do ya know?”

Mir started to walk away. “I'm out.”

Ariana walked back to the car. “Well suit your self, but I'm not giving you a ride back.”


I mean, theres no bus stop for blocks...”


And its near midnight so I bet NO ONE is awake...”



Mir's already gone.”

Oh. Well.” Ariana cleared her throat. “Let's go.”


Shana Hakumei was being kidnapped. She hated being kidnapped. It ruined her day. So she always did her best to ruin the kidnappers day. Today, her kidnapper was Billy-Ray Sanguine.
Shana was walking into a cafe, expecting to meet someone, and there he was, sunglasses and all.
He tilted his head and said, “You were just the person I was looking for.” and then he ran and punched her in the face.
Shana flew back into the street, dazed. She realized she was being pulled by the collar of her coat, and had cuffs on her hands.
'Well.' She thought. 'Ain't that just dandy?'
Shana was dropped into the passengers side of a car, and soon after she heard the drivers side opening and the car starting up.

Her head snapped up, and she blurted out “No body likes you!”

Sanguine laughed. “Oh, I don't think thats true. There are lots of people who like me.”

And there are lots of good-natured people who don't.”

So not everyone hates me.”

Well I know I do.”

And why is that?”

Your too psychotic. You should be locked up. It'd be community service.”

But I don't really want to be locked up. Is that a problem?”

No. Not really.”

Well okay then.”

Shana pulled her legs criss-cross applesauce. “Let me go.”

I'm afraid I can't do that.”

Why not?”

I'm afraid I can't tell you.”

Thats no fun.”

I can't imagine it can be.”

Let me gooooooooooo.”


Or I'll start to sing camp fire songs...”

I'd appreciate it if you didn't.”

Shana began to sing at the top of her lungs. “Da moose da moose, da moose da moose, swimming in da water, swimming in da water...”

Stop it.”

eating his supper, where did he go? Where did he go? He when to sleep, he whent to sleep. Da moose da moose...”

Please tell me theres not another bloody verse.”

Swimming in da water, swimming in da water, eating his supper, eating his supper, where did he go? Where did he go?”

He went insane because your singing about him.”

He went to sleep. He went to sleep.”

Stop it.”

Then let me go.”

I can't do that.”

Baby shark, doo doo do do do doo, baby shark doo doo do do do doo, baby shark doo doo do do do doo, baby shark doo doo do do do doo, baby shark!”

%$+#” (befuddled)

mama shark doo doo do do do doo, mama shark doo doo do do do doo, oh look theres Inyashi doo doo do do do doo, your going to get hurt doo doo do do do doo...”

something slammed on top of the car, causing it to swerve on the road.

A girl of about 18 stood in the road, dressed in all black. “Hello.” She said when Sanguine got out with his razor. “I belief you have a friend of mine.”