Sunday, March 27, 2011

CrossFiction-Part Two

Holo woke with a start. After her prayer for Shana's safety, she had fallen asleep, exhausted after the recent events. 

'Why am I here....?' Holo thought, forgetting about the idea she had had earlier. 'It's cold in here......and......lonely.....' She bowed her head to her knees, wrapping her bushy tail around her. Her eyes stared to drift close...

'Wait.....TAIL!?' Holo's eye's snapped back open. Sure enough, wrapped around her was an white-tipped auburn wolf tail. She then realized exactly what had woken her. The steady, soft sound of water hitting water, a sound she hadn't noticed when she had spoken to Chloe earlier. Holo didn't need to look (not the she could have, anyway) to know that two wolf ears, matching the coloration of her tail, had replaced her human ears.

A small smile spread across Holo's face. "So, I really am Holo the Wise Wolf," she murmured.

"Of course you are, silly girl!' A black egg with small, white stars and a gray forest silhouette on it flew out of her pocket. "Have you forgotten your contract with me?"

Holo glared at the egg. "Of course not Shishigami! How could I?!"

Shishigami huffed. "Then you should have known. But at least you've figured it out now." Holo rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, Can you tell me how to get out of here?"

Holo guessed that if the egg had hatched, it would be smiling. "You are Holo the Wise Wolf, are you not? You have taken the form of a young girl, but you are still a wolf. Simply change back into that form."

Holo stared wide-eyed at Shishigami. "But how?"

"Consume a natural substance, then focus on becoming a wolf," Shishigami instructed. Then the egg turned toward the door, and Holo's ears picked up the sound of multiple footsteps. 

"Something's coming," she hissed to Shishigami. The egg dove back into her pocket just as Chloe entered the room, surrounded but guards.

Holo smirked. "Gonna have your buddies beat me up?" she asked sarcastically. "Or are you just too scared to face me alone?"

Chloe glared. "Shut up!" she commanded, before walking towards Holo and holding out a water jug before her. "Drink."

Holo's crimson eyes widened. She couldn't believe her luck. Slowly, Holo sipped a mouthful of water from the jug Chloe was holding, her eyes never leaving those of her captor's. She swallowed carefully, the then leaned back, and thought about being a wolf.

Suddenly Holo could smell the forest, feel the wind on her face. Though she could not open her eyes, she knew that she was chasing prey in her mind. Holo could feel wolves on all sides of her, all working together, all striving for the same goal: survival of the pack.

Then Holo's eye's flew open, and she was back in the room. But the air felt different. All the people, who seemed to be getting smaller, were staring at her in shock.  Suddenly Holo was on all fours. At last she stood at a fixed height. Where a young girl had sat only seconds before, stood a giant wolf, it's eyes narrowed. But the two beings were the same. Both were Holo the Wise Wolf.

"D-do not be afraid!" Chloe commanded her shaking men, even though Holo could smell her fear. "She's just a girl possessed by the Devi-"

The fur on Holo's back prickled, and she through her head back, letting out an ear-splitting howl. Some of the guards scattered, while Chloe screamed. But the howl wasn't meant to scare the guards, though it did a fine job of it. It was to let Shana know where she was. Somehow, Holo had known that the shift in the air had been cause by her friend, and had known that Shana would recognize her voice.

Then suddenly, the world was on fire. 


Shana laughed. "Found ya!" then she dived for the strange little building. "But this place definitly wouldnt go well on house hunters international..."

Shana wasnt in a mood for a big, flashy, fight, so she just dropped out of the sky, made Chloe scream like a little girl, and pulcked Holo up and flew away again. 
  They landed in a nearby park.

"GAHHHWK!" Shana flopped into the grass, then screame like a little girl herself when she turned around. Expecting to see holo in wolf form, instead she was a normal human, colapsed in the grass too.

Holo sighed. "Can you please give me a warning next time you pick me up please?" 

"Okay...WOAH!" Shana screamed again when Micky and Clang landed on her head, taking turns beating her head with a rice paddle.

Micky started screaming too. 

 Holo, the good friend she was, Sat there and laughed her head off. Then Micky and Clang took turns beating Her head the rice paddle. 

Holo Winced continuously. "AW SNAPS!" shana, on the other hand mumled- "Never give micky a rice paddle..." 


The next day, During Keyboarding/DMI, on a Private chat sight the guardians have...

BunniJay: Shana has entered the buildin'

BalaBallanceGirl: Hi shana. Its Rima.

BunniJay: Hi Rima! 

BunniJay: Who else is on?

KingLordGuy: Me

BunniJay: Ahhh...the girly prince.

KingLordGuy: IM A KING!!!!!

BunniJay: Sure you are...

CutieBaby: Yayas here too!!!!!

BunniJay: Hewwo Yaya...!

CutieBaby: hehe~

BunniJay: Anyone else?

HeartfullSunshine: Hello guardians...!

KingLordGuy: Utau! What are you doing here?

(Hoshina Utau is a pop singer who has two guardians charas. She used to work for easter, in the good old days.)

HeartfullSunshine: Amu. 

BalaBallanceGirl: Ahhh...I see.

CutieBaby: mmmmhhh.

LadyBunniJay: Anyone else? 

KingLordGuy: I think thats about it.

LadyBunniJay: Good, good...just wanted to say, Can we all meet in the royal guarden immedietly after school? Spread the word. All charas too. 

CutieBaby: okay! 

BunniJay: todays the last day of school before vacation, sooo...

BalaBallanceGirl: We get it.

LordKingGuy: Okay.

HeartfullSunshine: I'll be there too.

BunniJay: great! Oh, theres the bell. Bye~

BalaBallanceGirl: Bye!

HeartfullSunshine: C ya.

LordKingGuy: until later.

CutieBaby: bye bye bye!!!!

BunniJay: ;D 


Holo Cried out in pain. Her attacker was so swift, she didnt know it was coming until it was too late...! 

"ALRIGHT!!! WHO THREW THIS DODGEBALL?!? WAS IT YOU, LEN-SAN?!?! HUH!? HUH?!" Holo twitched around, screaming at everyone.

Too bad for everone else, the attackers were hiding behind the bleacher, laughing their heads off. 
   Can you guess who?

    ...Micky, Chii, and Urufu. 


Chloe and The other characters from Myth were plotting against the guardians. 

"Call them all together."
"or we can eliminate them one by one."
"no. The final battle. Nothing flashy. Just trap shana and holo."
"we work tonight."
"someone go send a message to the guardians during their little tea party..."
"I'll go."
"be back by twelve."


"I KNOW IT WAS YOU TADASE!!!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!" Holo screamed as she chased Tadase around the Royal Garden. Unfortunately, Holo had not found out that it had been Micky, Chii, and Urufu who had thrown the dodge ball at her, and blamed Tadase, as usual.

Shana, tired of this, jump tackled Holo to the ground and stepped on her head. "DOWN WOLFIE!!!!" she commanded.

"Are you quite done yet?"

Everyone in the Garden turned towards the voice, it not belonging to anyone of them. Shana's eyes widened in shock, as she let Holo up from the ground. Our dearest wolf didn't know who this was, but she felt the air change, and knew something was going to happen. Shana began to tremble, her eyes huge.



Shana recoiled in fear, taking slow steps backwards.

"Sorath..." Even though the visitor was a boy, and a young one at that, Sorath was a powerfull Crimson Denizen. In legend, Sorath hunted Shana for her sword, the Nieteno No Shana. Once Sorath had possesion of the sword, he almost killed Shana. If Yuji, a powerfull torch, didnt...Shana would already be dead. 

Shana continued to step backwards, never taking her eyes off of Sorath. 

Sorath laughed. "Flame we meet again..."

"I thought you were dead!" Shana shouted, clearing her throat. 

Sorath continued to laugh. "Dont worry. I wont kill you...yet. I need to wait for orders that-"

"I give him."  Another shape appeared in the dusk shadows, taking shape into a girl. She was Tiriel, Soraths younger sister. "And I say...we do this quickly. Once we get the Flame-haired red-hot-eyed hunter, then they come and get The wolf. Big can do it now."

Then Sorath lept at Shana, taking a Large sword out of nothing. 
Soon after that, Tiriel walked calmly over, thorned plants sprouting and following in her wake, reaching closer, and closer to the Flame-haired, red-hot-eyed hunter...


Holo's crimson eyes grew more wolf-like as a deep growl rose in her throat. "Stay. Away. From. SHANA!!!!!!!!"

Tiriel whipped around in time for Holo to slam into her, knocking her to the ground. Thorned vines wound around Holo's waist, lifting and throwing her into the Garden wall.

Amu's eyes were wide. "I-I thought it was just a story...."

Holo pulled herself up, and tore a mint leaf off a nearby plant. "Dearest Amu, the world is just a story, made up of more stories," she said slowly, eying Tiriel carefully. Nearby, Shana had summoned the Nieteno no Shana, and was locked in a sword-on-sword battle with Sorath, her flame-colored hair catching like fire in the sun, making her seem engulfed in flames.

Tiriel glared at Holo. "Back off wolf girl."

Holo dropped into a crouch, her eyes gleaming with the thrill of the hunt. Two pairs of red eyes met, and with unspoken consent, the Flame-haired, Red-hot-eyed Hunter and the Wolf dashed out of the Garden, leading their pursuers away from their friends. Once outside, Shana whipped around and began her battle with Sorath once again. Holo, on the other hand, shoved the mint leaf into her mouth, and instantly transformed into a wolf. This time, she was only slightly larger than a real wolf, not feeling the need to take on her true size. Hackles raised, Holo leaped at Tiriel, clawing through the brambles that barred her way.


"Tiriel!" Sorath cried out, just as his sword flew out of his grasp, leaving him defenseless. 

Tiriel smiled at holo. "I'm sorry wolfe, but your battle isnt with us. You should be more concerend about that person walking from the distance..." as Holo turned around to look at the shadow of a person in a distance, Tiriel jumped backwards to Sorath, summoning vines to help her decsent. Shana ran foreward with Nieteno No Shana, about to kill Sorath, when Tiriel made a jerky movement of her hand. 

Thicker vines sprouted around Shanas feet, quickly growing higher and higher around her. When they were almost a yard taller then her, the vines seized Shanas arms, yanking her roughly off the ground...

Sorath shouted in glee. The Nieteno No Shana dropped out of the flame hazes hand, and before it toutched the ground, he caught it. 
"The Nieteno No Shana!" 

Tiriel had a smug smile on her face. 
"Im glad your happy older brother, but before you can play with it, lets watch how wolfe fights off her opponent...! Then we can take the flame haze to the higher ups."

Shana's breathing was shallow. 
"Holo..." she wispered. " them...catch you..." 

Holo was going to Have a tough time doing that.


Holo stared Shana, slowly turning back into a girl. "But you....."

Shana grimaced. "I'll be, Holo. Run as fast as you can. They won't do anything until they have both of us. Run!"

The person in the distance was growing clearer. 'Chloe' Holo realized.

Shana mustered the last of her strength. "Run, Holo!"

Tears pricking at her crimson eyes, Holo cast one last look at Tiriel and Sorath, both of whom were watching to see her next move. Hate burned like fire in Holo as she saw the contempt in Sorath's eyes as he held the Nieteno no Shana like he owned it. "What're you gonna do, wolfie?"

Holo glared at him with ice cold eyes. "Shana's fire will never die," she hissed. "You'll just burn yourself." Then, guilt weighing on her heart at leaving her friend behind, Holo turned and ran. 'I'll come back for you Shana...I promise. They won't catch me. I'll save you. This time, I'll save you.'

Faintly, so much that she thought she imagined it, Holo heard Shana's voice in her mind.

'I believe you...'


Shana lay unconcious on a stone floor. Her once flaming hair was now a dark black, as if all burnt up. Many yards away, Sorath kept close watch on the Nieteno No Shana, never putting it down.  

The room shana was in, was directly in the center of the Seireiden. If Holo the wise wolf tried to come and save her, she would have a hard time getting in, and a even harder time getting out. This was all planned by the master throne, Hecate. Hecate was responsible for the movemwnt of the sereiden. She may just look like a young girl about Shana and Holos age, but she is the most powerfull of Bal Masque. 

If Holo would come, It would take a miracle for her to succeed.  


Holo was paceing. She didnt know what THE HECK SHE SHOULD DO!
She doesnt usually pace. Nope. Nada. 
But really, right now she needed a little help in where she should go. 

But then, as if he was reading her thoughts, a stranger said- 

"Maybe I can help." Holo turned, to see a tall boy with dark-brown hair and blue eyes. "My name is Sakai Yuji.  I'm a torch."

Holo blinked. "So your another part of the story come to life?" 

Yuji chuckled. "Well, I guess i should explain THAT too, shouldnt I?"

"Be my guest." Holo responded.

"Okay." Yuji thought about it for a minute. "Its probably that hallpween company. They pulled us out of a book. We were just to be used to find out your powers. But- the crimson lords didnt whant to go back in. They were fine in staying out here. So they stole the book. Its somewhere in the Sereiden, heavily guarded. As is shana. So I came to help."

"And me." a second shadow came into view from the night. A tall, blonde woman in a suite. She carried a book in a strap. "I'm Margery Daw. And this," Margery gestures to the book. "Is Marco, the crimson lord i contracted with.

A raspy voice spoke from the book. "Please to meet you!" then there was a fit of laughter after it.

"And I'm Wilhelmina Carmel." Another woman, of avereage height came from the shadows. She had short, purple hair, and was wearing a purple and white maids uniform. "And this," Wilhelmina said, gesturing to the maids headband, "Is Tiamat, the crimson lord i contracted with."

"Yes." Tiamat said. 

"Well," Holo said. "Are we just going to wait here? Or shall we go to Seireiden?"

Holo plucked a sage leaf off of a nearby plant, put it in her mouth, and almost immidietly transformed into her largest wolf version. 

Margery smiled. "I have little feeling that im going to finish my fight with that freak Sydonay."

"And I will finish the unfinished fight with Bel-peol..." Wilhelmina said, forming a small smile.

In one giant leap, Wilhelmina seemingly flew up to the sereiden. Holo had to take a running jump, but still landed on the sereiden. 

Both of them turned to look for Margery daw and Yuji, when they both came up floating on Marco. 

Then wilhelmina whent in search for Bel-peol,and Margery in search of Sydonay. Holo and Yuji both whent to find shana. 
And, hopefully, they'll come accross the book on their way there. But, sadly, when they are trying to leave, theu will most likely meet Hecate and Chloe. 

Today isn't their day.


"Hey....can you slow down?"

Holo looked back at Yuji, who was panting as he followed her. She smiled. Holo felt completely natural in her giant wolf form, so she had forgotten that Yuji was still the size of a normal human. Turning around, Holo gently used her front teeth to grasp the back of his collar, and, despite Yuji's protests, placed him on her back.

Yuji looked scared to death. "Um....this isn't really what I meant..."

Holo chuckled. "Well, it's easiest for me to carry you. Don't worry, I won't drop Shana's friend. Just make sure that you hold on tight." And with that, Holo raced forward, deeper into the Sereiden, nose held high to catch even the faintest trace of Shana's scent. Yuji, meanwhile, was trying not to scream like a little girl.


Shana lifted her head slowly, her eyes scanning the room. Rage flared in her when she saw Sorath holding the Nieteno no Shana. But something felt different in the Sereiden than it had the first time she had woken up there. The sense of danger was stronger. A shadow flitted in the corner of her vision, and when Shana turned, she could see Hecate and Chloe speaking to each other in hushed tones. Guards lined the walls of the room, and Shana knew that she could only wait for Holo to make a break for it. But, she still had the power of comedy on her side.

"Seriously, dude. Freaking call House Hunters International already!"


"Hey....whats that?" Yuji pointed to another corridor, but only, this one had two guards lining the hall in front of it. 

Holo grinned. "Finally." a growl rose in her throat. "Some action!"

Holo would've lept immidiatly, if it werent for a chosen little chara.

"WAAAAIITTTTTT!!!!" Micky flew up, dropping a book directly onto Yuji's head. "Use this to draw the people back innnnnn!!! But!!! It can only be dona at midnight, NEW YEARS EVE!!!!"

Holo blinked. "Then that means...We have to wait five more days?!"

"No! No! Wait! Wait! I dont know if its just me, but time is speeding up here! I minut here, is one hour outside!" micky exclaimed, before Holo whent spaztic.

Sadly for Yuji, it looked like the book dropped out of nothing, and holo was talking to herself. Only Chara bearers can view charas, you see. 
 "What are you do-"

Holo lept at both guards at once, knocking their heads to the ground roughly. 

Yuji was still trying his best not to scream like a little girl.

"I can feel it! Shanas down this hallway!" Holo let out a howl so big it filled the night sky. 

Once she rescued Shana, it was time for someone to feel the full wrath of Holo the wise wolf!


Chloe walked over to Shana. "Do you hear that, little flame haze? That sounds like your friend! Now, why dont you just stay there and look helpless," Chloe walked over to a hidden room that Hecate, Sorath, and the guards were walking into. "And we'll just wait here until wolfe comes. I'm sure she'll be so glad to see us!"

Shana turned her head slowly, to look down the hallway. If both Holo and her were caught, she would have to...use Tenpa Jyōsai. In the legend it stated that Shana had enough power of existence to call upon Tenpa Jyosai withought dying, but its still very risky. If she did it again...she may not live through it.

As Shana started to see a shadow of a wolf, she willed over and over in her head that Holo would live. That Holo would live. That Holo would live...!

Holo, not wanting to injure Yuji, carefully set the boy on the floor before charging down the hallway. Guards streamed out of random holes in the walls, but Holo knocked the out of her way carelessly, never once slowing down. Yuji followed her as fast as he could, Micky flying around his head (not that he could see her).

Suddenly Holo skidded to a stop, and Yuji almost ran into her. Blocking Holo from continuing her rampage was a large, solid stone door. Holo backed up, and would have run straight into the door, if Yuji hadn't stepped in front of her.

Holo growled. "Move, Yuji. I don't want to hurt you."

"No, Holo, wait," Yuji pleaded. Something about the tone of his voice softened Holo's heart. Our favorite crazy wolfie is actually a big softie for her friends, and even though she didn't know Yuji well, Holo had grown to like this strange boy. He was fun to mess with. And he was Shana's friend.

"Holo, I know that you're angry, and I am too. But calm down a little. There's no doubt that they've set a trap in there for you in there. Don't let your guard down. Be careful."

Holo nudged him with her nose, moving him gently out of her way. "I know, Yuji. Thanks for calming me down, but this is something I have to do. I'll be careful. You stay here."

Yuji stared at her. "B-but-"

"But if you come, you'll be in danger," Holo cut him off. "I'll pick you up on my way out." Yuji nodded, knowing that Holo would be careful, but wouldn't let anything stop her from saving her friend.

Placing her giant paws against the door, Holo clawed the stone, breaking it like Styrofoam under her powerful grip. Holo jumped through the door, and stared at the seen before her: Shana, lying in the middle of the floor, her hair all black.

Shana lifted her head. "Holo....."

Suddenly Holo heard a noise from the corner, and the familiar scents of her enemies hit her nose. 'Ahh, so there is a trap here' she thought.

Stepping forward carefully, Holo touched Shana's arm with her nose. A little bit of flame color began to fade back into her friend's hair.

A hidden door in the corner burst open, and Sorath dashed forward, the Nieteno no Shana held above his head. Holo quickly picked Shana up, dashed back toward the hole in the wall, and handed the Flame-haired, Red-hot-eyed Hunter to Yuji. "Go find the others!" she hissed. "I'll be fine."

When she was sure that Yuji was gone, having given Micky instructions to go get her charas and the Guardians (once again making Yuji think that she's crazy), Holo leapt back at Sorath, downsizing herself as to be more agile in the fight to come. Closing her teeth around Sorath's leg, Holo could only hope that the Guardians would come soon. 


As Micky flew as fast as she could to get the guardians, Holo tried to fight Sorath as best as she could. Accross the seirei den, Yuji ran with Shana, trying to find someplace safe. When they passesd a doorway to the outside, Shana was hit with a gust of icy wind. She blacked out.


Micky tried to fly as fast as she could, but the winter wind blew her this way and that, and she had trouble going in one direction for more then three seconds. 

" guardians...!" Micky gritted her teeth. she had to help Shana and Holo!

then, someone interupted her thoughts. "Micky...thats not what your heart says..." 

micky wipped around. "You! how did you...i thought...!" 

the stranger smiled. "listen to your heart. I'll get the guardians. go to shana. when you dont have enough energy to move on, I'll switch with you. me and Hyun-ae." 

"...Okay." Micky changed her direction, but this time, used the wind to her advantage. 

'I'm coming shana! hang in there!'


Shana saw she was one year. theres Holo too! and Mir! it was a november day...she was...she was lonely.
it didnt seem like she could fit in. would she find good friends? before, she didnt know what to do, so she lauhed and made it seem like everything was okay. Some people thought she was weired because she was like that. but...did thwy even think of how she felt?!


Wilhelmina. Margery. Holo. they were all losing their battles. it made it worse when Hecate started to channel power of existence into Sorath so he became to overpower her. 


Shana wouldnt wake up. Yuji couldnt find a safe place, so he was forced to use his own power of existence to create a shield for her, as guards cam and tried to attack. 


"SHANA! I'M COMING!" micky shouted out, through the snow and wind. "SHANA!!!!!!!"


Shana needed to be strong...but it was so hard...Holo and miranda seemed to be so close...would she get to be like that with anyone...? ever again...? 

'this never used to happen at my old school...' she thought. 


Wilhelmina was breathing heavily, dodging Bel-peols chains. but...what was that in the corner of her vision...? 

"HOLY CROWN!" a gold light... 


Margery daw Flipped through the air, dodging Sydonays attacks. as the two shiftshapers fought, two other figures came from the storm...

"BLAZE SHOOT!" Nagihiko! 

the guardians are here.


Holo fell back, and just as Sorath lunged at her with Nieteno No Shana-

"SPIRAL HEART!" Hinamori Amu lept in as Amulet heart, her character transformation with her chara Ran.
a character transformation is a new for you take on when you supass a character changes power by 120%.

"Holo!" Urufu flew from behind Amu, who was now resuming to battle with Sorath for her. "Character Transformation!"

Holo nodded. "Yeah! Watashi no kokoro! unlock!" 


how could shana ever fit- 

"Be brave! its easy!" a egg with a leaf on it rose up from infront of Shana. a long crack formed along it, and out popped a little character. "My names Micky! I'm your guardianchara!" 


Shana woke with a start. Yuji was holding up a shiled formed from power of existence, but beyond that, Shana could see utau in character transformation with El, Seraphic charm. in the distance, she saw tadase as platinum royal and yaya as dear baby. Micky was waving infront of her. "Shana! your finally awake! we need to save holo!" 

shana smiled. "Your right! lets do it!" Shanas hair was back to its fiery crimson. "Did you bring utau? and the other guardians?"

Micky winked. "I'd like to take credit for it, but- no. that was Tsuin!" Shana eyes widened. 

"Tsuin!? But i thought she whent back inside her egg for the time being!" 

Micky laughed nervously. "Yeah...thats what I thought too...I dunno...But the guardians are here now! thats what matters!"

Shana smiled "Okay. lets do this! Leaving chapter one with a big bang! Watashi No Kokoro! Unlock! Character transformation! Autom Locket!"


"Wait Holo!!!!!!" Urufu shouted, interrupting her character transformation. Holo gave her chara a confused look.

"What!?" she asked. Urufu pulled strange chara out from behind her. The chara stared at Holo with big, silver cat-like eyes. Her pale face was framed by pink-ish purple-ish hair with dark purple stripes on the ends of her front locks. Her cat ears and tail were of the same purple coloration. A simple, silver feather hung on a string around her neck, and then Holo knew which egg this chara had hatched from.

Pointing dramatically at the chara, Holo exclaimed, "You hatched from the Feather egg!!!"

The cat-like chara smiled. "My name's Soot. I guess you could say that I'm Kokuren's twin."

Holo raised a eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Soot grinned even wider. "If Kokuren is Alice, then I'm the cat. Now, let us transform~."

Holo nodded vigorously. "Watashi no Kokoro, Unlock! Character Transformation, CHESSire Flame!"

Holo stepped up casually next to Amu. With unspoken consent, both girls began to close in on Sorath, before Holo began giggling like a little school girl. "What?" Amu hissed to her.

Holo grinned. "It's just this really ARE Pinky Girl!!!!"

Amu slapped her. "Shut up. Lets go."

As she summoned a black staff with what A white Chess King on top, Holo felt completely re-energized. She could feel that Shana was alright. She knew that they were going to be alright.


The battle progressed. Holo helped Amu fight Sorath, until, Chloe stepped infront of her.

"Well, Wolfe, I do believe, that your battle, is with ME."

Holo gave a cocky smile. "What, so your suddenly NOT afraid of me? Im still the same wolf!" Holo let a earspliting howl, laughing when Chloe let out a yelp and jumped two inches off of the ground.

Then- Holo saw A guard about to attack amu when she was concentrating on Sorath! 

She was about to warn Amu, when-

"WIND CATCH!" Amu flew back, behind Shana. 

Holo pointed the staff at the guard. 

Shana turned to Holo. "I didnt get a chance to say this before, but- HAPPY EVE BEFORE EVE BEFORE NEW YEARS EVE!!!"

"Huh?" Holo blinked, not sure what Shana just said.

"ITS THREE DAYS TILL CHAPTER TWO STARTS!" Shana yelled, giggling spazticly.

"Ummm...okay?" Holo said, scratching her head.

"Okay, NOW! Guess what we should do?!" Shana smiled.

"What- You dont mean...?!" Holo gasped. "But I thought Tsuin whent back inside her egg!"

Shana was practicly glitterin when Tsuin floated out from behind her. "MAGIC!" she giggled some more. "Okay, lets do this!"

Holo turned to Hyun-ae. "You ready to do this again?"

Hyun-ae smiled. "I think we have no choice...probably if we dont do it soon, Shana will exploud..."

"Watashi no kokoro! Unlock!" Holo and Shana said in unison.

Gold and silver lights blinded everyone in the room. Another Employee of Halloween, Tsukyomi Ikuto, appeared at littereally swapt Amu off of her feet. The sereiden crumbled, the guards turned to dust, leaving Sorath, Hecate, and Chloe.
The guardians and everyone else was dumped neatly onto the nearest rooftop. However, Because Hecate was there, the rooftop was still moving at a different time then real time. 

Part of The light cleared, Leaving...


A character transformation Amu and Ikuto take on together, powered by the Humpty lock and dumpty key!

Trivia Time! <3

The 'amulet' in Amulet heart stands for the AMUlet. Get it? AMUlet?! Hehehe...tough crowd...!

The Fortune stands for luck, or a treasure. (Seven seas TREASURE)

Seven in seven seas treasure stands for 
 -yoru, ikutos chara
 -Ikutos fathers, Aruto Tsukyomi

Seas in seven seas treasure represents ikutos father being believed to being lost overseas.

Treasure: amu is the treasure to ikuto. (AMU AND IKUTO, SITTIN IN A TREE! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!)
Ooh la la! 


Then, the rest of the light cleared...leaving...


The twin diamonds themselves!


(Authors Note: I will post the backstopry too the twin diamonds and everything else later...maybe.)


"You ready for us!?" Holo shouted.

"Cuz here we come!!!!" Shana finished. And with that, the Twin Diamonds leapt forward, Holo going for Chloe and Shana for Hecate. Despite the antagonists' best efforts, the Twin Diamonds together were over powering them. Then, their goofy personalities kicking in, Holo and Shana decided to tag-team, taking turns bouncing on their enemies heads.

"OW!!!!" Hecate and Chloe shouted in unison. Our heroines were laughing like a pair of maniacs that had just escaped from an insane asylum.


Amu and Ikuto attacked Sorath and Tiriel, while the Guardians assisted Wilhelmina and Margery Daw in their battles. Tadase happened to catch sight of Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure, and was crying manly tears of sorrow on the inside because he loved Amu but there she was with Ikuto, plus Tadase is just a Girly Boy with manly tears.

[Meanwhile, the authoress who was writing this chapter was banging her head against her coffee table because she had no idea what kind of horror she had just created. Somewhere else in the authoress' house, her mother was wondering vaguely if she should go check on her daughter and make sure that she wasn't inflicting severe brain damage onto herself.]

Back to the story~

"Amu!!!!" Ikuto shouted, pulling Amu out of the way of Tiriel's attack (causing Tadase's manly inside tears to pour even harder [which made the authoress bang her head harder]). The Twin Diamonds were having the time of their lives; Utau had arrived moments before, taking Yaya's place and allowing her to go bounce on people's heads as well. The battle, finally, was going in their favor.


Until Hecate let loose her power of existence. 

There was a burst of blue energy, causing the twin diamonds to be thrown back.all the chara bearers were turned to normal, scattering many charas accross the rooftop. 

"EVERYONE!" Margery cried out "WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!" 

A great heavs and shudders were breaking through the ground. 

Hecate was a powerfull Crimson denizen. Over the years, she has collected so much power of existence, that if it were all released at once...

To say shortly, 

Bye bye planet earth. 

Shana's eyes widened. "Holo." 

Holo turned to her flaming haired friend. "What is it?" 

"What time is it?" Shana said, whithought looking away from Hecate.

"Ummm...I dont know..." her eyes widened in return, realizing what shana was looking at. "Chapter two...Your eggs!" 

Shana gave a small smile. "Time here is slower then time elsewhere, thanks to Hecate. It may be two hours to new year, or two minuts. If I'm correct, then I may have a newchara egg. " 

Yuji ran over with the book Chloe and Hecate came from. "But, Shana! It says that on new year, the characters will never be allowed to go back in!" 

Shana smiled. "But, If you everyone else and occupate dear Chloe, Bel-peol, Sorath, Tiriel, and sydonay, then maybe, just maybe, we can access the ritual needed for them to return. Holo, Yuji, are you ready to access a ancient ritual that was only preformed one other time in history, exactly 80 mileniums ago?" 

Holo looked down at her feet. "What if we cant do it in time, if Hecate destroys everything?" 

Shana patted her friend on the back. "Well, look at the bright side."

Yuji frowned. "What the bright side?"

Shana blinked. "Nobody will ever do anything to ruin your life again, because you wont have one!" 

Yuji looked over to Holo, and saw her jaw so wide it was nearly touching the ground. "Um...l-lets do the ritual."


Shana's hair was alight. "I am The flame-haired, red-hot-eyed hunter, The flame haze, Shana! I represent shakugan no shana!"

Holo's ears wolf ears and tail were twitching. "I am the flame-hearted northern hunter, Holo the wise wolf I represent spice and wolf!"

Yuji layed out the book between all of them. "I power This ritual as a torch, mistes,with the reigi maigo. We now choose one other person from another story to represent this."

Amu stepped foreward. "I have been chosen to represent The world of shugo chara. My name is Hinamori Amu, bearer of four charas, weilder of the humpty lock."

Yuji turned to the page of maps. "In these worlds, all-" 

Before he could finish, Holo and Shana blacked out. 


Shana was in Misaki city. She sprinted through the streets, unaware of the people pointing at her flaming hair. She was desperate to find something she reconized. But then, she found yuji! 

Right next to the Flame-haired, Red-hot-eyed hunter. The Flame haze, Shana! 


Holo was in Pasroe. She sprinted through the streets, unaware of the people staring at her ears and tail. She was desperate to find something she reconized.

But then, In the fields surrounding the villge, she found none other then the merchant Lawrance! 

Right next to The fire hearted northern hunter. The wise wolf, Holo!


Shana drew beghind the nearest corner, breathing heavily. 


Holo ducked behind a tree, breathing heavily.


Why was she there? Was this a dream?


Holo realized with a jolt that this wasnt a dream, she was pulled into the book. That was the real Holo.


Shana slipped to the ground, hugging her knees. If that was the real Shana, who was she? Was she a fake?! Was she not real?! 


Holo thought back to when she was first captured by Chloe. What had she realized? 


Shana sat there, still hugging herself.

'come to think of it,' she thought 'We never really saw much of halloween and valentines day after everybody else came. So this has to be their sceme...which means...'


Holo wasnt afraid anymore.

'Im certain! Halloween or valentines day probably pulled the character out of the book themselves! Were only being played! Its all fake! I am not Holo the wise wolf, I am Holo Koshimizu, proud chara owner of too many charas it would ruin this moment if i named them all! I am a twin diamon!"


Shana sat up slowly. 

"Im not shana the flame haze. I'm Shana Hakumai, proud chara bearer of micky, tsuin, alastor, and four other eggs! I am a twin diamond!"


Holo began to walk toward Holo and Lawrence, when Someone called her name behind her. Another character was floating behind her. This chara had straight, waist length brown hair, with straight bangs across her forehead that cover about half of her eyes. her eyes were bright green. she wears an open black bomber jacket, white on-off shirt with the word 'music' on it. Shr had black jeans, and black converse. she also carried a guitar in a case around on her back.


This chara was special to Holo. Song was one of the very first eggs she recieved, but whent back inside o her, unhatched. Much later, when Christmas exparimented of her, and she turned into Holo, Song re-appeared, but holo didnt remember her. When song was hatched, she bagan to visit Holo in a dream as an egg, only she didnt remember it when they woke up. Thanks to Hyun-ae, Holo discovered Who Song was, gaining power to become the character transformation, Atonal Echo.

Song smiled at Holo.  "Great job, Holo-xain. You found your own song. Now, Lets show them our power!" 

"Yeah...yeah! We will! I have found my own song! Im going to set this strait, along with Shana!"

Her arms reached up, making a unlocking symbol over her heart.

"Watashi no Kokoro! Unlock!


As long as we can over power Hecate, as long as we can defeat her...we will win. 

"Shana." Shana turned around to see another chara. Only this one wasnt new. A chara with golden-colored pony-tails, a headband with a moon on it, a orange shirt, a sliver and red bracelet, short little brown pants, and long, brown, boots.  This one was in chapter one, this chara had turned into an xegg, this chara had been won back from Mei. Thischara had never character transformed with Shana, this chara had represented Shanas dream. This chara had been talking to Shana in her dreams. This chara was named Tsuki by Holo, who thought it reasonoble for the moon on her egg. This chara was floating infront of Shana. 

"T-Tsuki...!?" Shanas eyes were wide. "How are you here?!"

Tsuki smiled. "Stories are like dreams, as dreams are like stories. And, I'm always going to be with you Shana. Me, Arata, Hoshi, Pla, Kunami, Jenny, and all the other charas. Guiding you every step." Tsuki floated closer, her golden locks flowing behind her. "Now, Shana. Unlock your heart!" 

"W-Watashi no kokoro! Unlock!"


Holo flew out of the book into the human world, mid transformation. 

"Character transfornation! Etonal Echo!" 

Shana flew up after her. "Character transformation! MoonLight Dream!"



Holo felt power surging through her. Even though she wasn't Holo from the story, she was strong enough to look after herself and her friends. But as she looked around, she realized something. The ritual wasn't working. Shana and Yuji were too busy chanting to notice that the characters from the stories weren't going anywhere anytime soon. Holo knew that she had to do something, but what? Then she spotted Sorath out of the corner of her eye, only a few feet away, and grinned evilly. This would be the perfect payback from the time he attacked Shana.

Slipping away from the ritual, she circled around the roof until she was behind Sorath. The poor boy didn't know what was coming.

Holo leaped at him from behind, shouting "GOTCHA!!!!!!!!!!" and tried to force his head into the book. Shana then realized as well that the ritual was getting them no where, and tried to help Holo. Yuji's face, meet Yuji's palm.

A bright flash of blue light filled the roof, and suddenly our heroine's realized that the characters were being stuffed back into the book. Hecate glared at them. "You've gotten rid of us once, but believe me, we'll be back." And then they were gone.

Holo and Shana looked at each other. "Well," Shana sighed, "We didn't get rid of them for good, but I think we'll be safe for a long time." Then she and Holo met eyes, and grinned like the silly fools they are.

"WHO CARES IF THEY MIGHT COME BACK, WE DID IT!!!!!!" Holo shouted for joy, jumping up and down. Holo and Shana then hi-fived and everyone cheered. And this, dear children, is what we call a corny ending to Chapter One.

Epilouge of chapter one..

"OH MY GAWD!" after the whole big fight thingy, Shana invited everyone to her house for a party. It was pretty normal, Holo and Shana screamed at Tadase and Amu to play Mario Cart with them, stuffed food in their faces, all until Shana popped a party popper. When she did, another tiny human came out.

The first chara of chapter two. This chara had blue hair, with a black and white beanie hat. She was wearing a black shirt with white, billowey sleeves, and a golden belt. Red and black striped socks, along with a red spear tattoo on her cheeck, she introduced herself as Inyashi, and then imidietly got pulled into the vents by Micky. 

---THE END---
(or at least until we start writing about chapter two!!!) 


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