Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part Six

••Elizabeth's Introduction••

Elizabeth Waters Dipped her feet into the warm water, sighing with relief. It was a fall day in Fort. Meyers Florida, and Elizabeth was grateful for something warm. Since tuesday, harsh winds had moved into the area, and it was good to stay indoors.
Elizabeth was on the pool deck, one of her pet dogs Aires the shitzu scampering around her. Running a finger along the surface of the pool, Elizabeth eyed the clouds suspiciously. Everyone was expecting it to rain, but the clouds were being stubborn and were just sitting there.

"Lizzy!" Elizabeth's mother called. "Get under the deck roof at least! Its raining in other parts of town!"

Elizabeth sighed, getting up. "Okay." she responded to her mother.

The trees were blowing back and forth viciously, Aires bolting in doors. The bigger dog, A irish setter named Poseidon, was standing guard by the deck door.

Elizabeth turned to look out the backyard and the lake, her dark brown hair smoothly blowing around her face.
There was a man standing across the lake. At first Elizabeth thought he was there to check the water of the lake or something, but after four hours he was still there, in the exact same spot.

Elizabeth looked around to check if her mom was watching, then quickly exited the pool deck and started walking around the lake towards the man. She was only going to ask him what he was doing, then go back inside. Digging her hands deeper into her grey jacket, she tried not to trip around the edge.

"Hello." She started. "Are you checking the water or something?"

He jerked, like he hadn't realized she was there. He was wearing a long, tan, coat, and had thick shades and a large hat. "Oh, hello. I'm...not checking the water." he had a slight english accent.

Elizabeth cocked her head to the side. "Then what are you standing around here for?"

The man looked around nervously, as if expecting someone. "Um...nothing."

"Then why are you here?"

"I like nature."

"But theres a huge storm coming."

"There is? Oh, i didn't know."

"Theres a huge cloud right over us."

"i see..."

"why are you here?"

"you should go."


"you should really leave now."


"Go." the man gave Elizabeth a shove, turning around quickly. Elizabeth could make out two other men walking towards them.

"Why should i listen to you?"



"Leave now, or else-"

The other two men had reached where Elizabeth and the man were.

A taller, well built one spoke."Lodius, who is this?"

Before Lodius could say a word, Elizabeth interrupted him. "I'm a girl who apparently doesn't have any business in this even though i live right over there." she pointed to her house, where Aires was being a little spaz on the deck.

"a girl who wont go away..." Lodius murmured.

The Shorter man spoke. "Lodius. We came here for business. If she won't go away, then she'll just have to be the first victim."

Elizabeth stood silently. Victim? What did he mean?

"Earl! Hold it!" Elizabeth turned to see three other figures, two girls and one man. The man was pointing a cane at the other men and Lodius.

One girl stepped in front of Elizabeth. "Its against the Code to hurt a innocent human!"

The smaller man, Earl was his name, smirked. "She won't be human after we're done with her."