Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old work Part One

i've been looking through all my documents lately, and i found some weird stories i've written in the past.

look. i have chosen to show you...


In a Little town by the sea, long shadows stretched where all possible. Only by the flickering blue fire of the lamps could keep them away.
Now, if you looked to the west of this little town, there was a darker part of the shadows, that...suddenly grew a pair of flaming red eyes. The creature of night stepped lightly, swiftly in this town of long shadows. Stepping further into the protection of the blue lights, the moving shadow took shape.
Around the flaming eyes, it had pale skin, with Long, Black hair. Further down, it had on only a sleek black ninja suit, the hood drawn back, with shadow black boots to match. In the Girls hand, was a crimson sword.

* * * * *

“I need to see Rethen”

exactly 7 miles below the surface of the shadowed town, the same living shadow pounded angrily on a small door. A hard, set look blazing in her eyes, she tapped her crimson weapon angrily on the wood surface.

“Whats the password?” a small voice nearly whispered behind it.

The living shadow kicked the door hard. “I don't have time for your stupid password! Let me in before I have to knock it down!”

“again...?!” the mysterious voice grew louder.

“AGAIN!” the shadow kicked down the door, the voice shrieking behind it, being crushed.

The shadow stepped into a stronghold fit for a king, except for the broken door with a man under it.

The shadow snorted. “You scream like a girl.”