Sunday, March 27, 2011

MY old work Part Eleven- Weird daydream a daydream i wrote about. so you know, my real name IS NOT Meg.

Meg frowned slightly, wiggling her locker lock a bit more. Nothing. She glared at the books she had in her hands.

I hate you...!” Meg whispered fiercely to her heavy math and social studies text books. She shifted her weight and laid her planner and the latest book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series; Mortal Coil, on the floor.

She kicked her locker and winced in pain.

Let me get that.” A hand reached over Meg's shoulder, and tugged at the locker. To her amazement, it popped open at once, her pink plastic ruler falling out.

T-Thank you!” Meg sputtered, placing her math textbook beneath the shelf.

Yes...Well I just need to know where the Team A social studies classroom is.” The man said.

Oh! Easy! It's in room 22...” Meg's words trailed off. The man had pale skin and black hair. But the most alarming thing was a long scar right down the middle of his face. “4...”

Thank you.” and with that, Dusk the vampire walked into Meg's next class.

Meg blinked for a moment. Then she made a shocked sound that was a mixture of a squeak and a sigh. Nearly panicking, She gathered all the other materials she needed, and slipped her pink ruler into her back pocket.

Just in case she needed to hit something.

* * *

(Kallista Pendragon has logged on)

Kallista Pendragon says: Hey everyone!

Lizzy: Hi Kallista!

Dragona Pine: Hello Kallista!

Lizzy: you never answered by question Dragona.

Kallista Pendragon: What question?

(TeamEdwardFan has logged on)

Lizzy: Which weapon would be more effective against a vampire. What do you think?

TeamEdwardFan: You need to rip it apart and burn it, so it can't come back.

Lizzy: I meant in the Skulduggery Pleasant series.

(Mar-Chu has logged on)

TeamEdwardFan: so?




Lizzy: This is going interestingly.

Kallista Pendragon:*secretly wishes Mar will turn into a cat so she can cuddle with her*


(TeamEdwardFan has logged off)

Mar-Chu: I knew it. The person was a fraud. YOUR WEAK!

(Aquila Felis has logged on)

Aquila Felis: hey guys!

Lizzy: hi aquila!

Dragona: hey aquila.

Kallista: AQUILA! *Glomps*

Mar-Chu: Hiya Aquila!

Lizzy: What do you think about the question Mar?

Dragona Pine: this should be interesting.

Mar-Chu: well, Frypans work for Zombies, so...

Kallista Pendragon: What do you think lizzy?

Lizzy: you can immobilize anything with a pen.

Mar-Chu: I dunno.

Dragona Pine: sorry guys, i've gotta go. Maybe i'll be on later.

(Dragona Pine has logged off)

Kallista Pendragon: No! Dragona! Don't go!

(Kallista Pendragon has logged off)

Lizzy: well, on that note, I need to leave as well.

(Lizzy has logged off)

Mar-Chu: dang everyones leaving.

Aquila Felis: I gotta go too.

(Aquila Felis has logged off)

Mar-Chu: Now I'm all alone!

Mar-Chu: fine. PEACE OUT!

(Mar-Chu has logged off)

Meg scrawled the answers randomly, not caring if they were correct. In the corner of her vision she saw her teacher talking with Dusk. Every once in awile they would raise their voices and Meg would catch words like 'Item', 'Deal', and 'Stolen'.

Meg raised an eye brow. Dusk had turned around and exited the room. Meg heaved a sigh of relief. But stopped in the middle when she remembered the look on his face. Anger. And Vampires were known for their grudges.

* * *

Meg almost forgot about Dusk. Almost. He was always at the back of her head, and she was always worried that he would come back.

And one day, He did.

* * *

Meg looked up from her worksheet on India, her eyes narrowing in on the clock. One more minute...or two...?

The door slammed open, causing everyone to jump. Dusk walked in, with some people outside the hall. Infected I corrected myself, vaguely seeing blood on their clothes.

Your time is up.” Dusk said, looking at the teacher.

She turned pale. “Not here. You can't do this here.”

We had a deal, and your time. is. up.”

But I just need one more day!”

Did you not hear what I just said? Your time is up.”

But I-”

Get her.” Dusk nodded her head slightly towards the infected, and they lunged, pinning the teacher to the wall.

Meg shot out of her seat “No!” She shrieked, then quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

Dusk looked at her. “Your that girl from before...” He took a step towards her. “You can be of service...” He lunged at her, grabbing her roughly by the shoulders. Her dipped his head to bite into her neck

Dusk!” someone snarled, knocking into him. The girl was about 18, with brown hair. And a whip. Meg registered, falling back into the wall.

Dusk roared. “You!” he looked at the infected. “Get her!” he yelled, pointing at Meg.

The infected dove for her as the other students jumped up. Some ran screaming from the room, others huddled in corners. Some just sat there staring. Meg pulled herself up, grabbing a pencil and chucking it at the first Infected's eye. It howled in pain, clawing at its eye. She made a mental note. Pencils make wonderful weapons.

However her victory did not last long, the infected lunged at her, bending her leg and making it crack.

That was a pretty noise...” Meg mumbled, collapsing.

Mar?!” Somebody asked, using Meg's screen name.

Meg looked up at the two people who were standing at the door. “...Dragona!? ...Kallista!?”