Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SP FanFiction Part Five

This Part is...longer then usual. Well, on the ipod it looked that way.

March screamed. "No!"


Israel grabbed March by her shoulder, and yanked her back as vampire two shot by where March had just been standing.

March stumbled back more in shock, her mouth gaping open.

Israel pointed his gun, pulling the trigger. A bullet shot out, narrowly missing vampire number two by about an inch. March saw the exact same outcome, Saw the blue energy blast vampire number two across the room. However this time...

March quickly shifted into a Rhino, running and forcing vampire number two farther across the room. She put all her strengh into her muscles, and when he hit the wall it colapsed, vampire number two falling to the ground.

March stood up, shifting back. She coughed from the plaster dust, waving a hand in the air to clear it and looking back to Israel. Israel punched vampire number one, and proceeded in shooting him with the bullet and the blue energy, and March stepped aside as vampire number one fell to the ground also.

Israel tilted his head to March. "Why do you seem so shocked?"

March noticed her eyes were still huge, and she was shaking a bit. "Your fancy power, thats why."

"What? What did you see?"

"Myself being strangled by Dusk. Speaking of Dusk..." March ran to her bag, and dug into it. Her fingers met something steel, and she pulled it out, testing it in her hand. She then flung it at the door, where a second before it whent through Dusk's face appeared. The frypan made a hollow clanging sound, sending Dusk collapsing.

March fist-pumped. "Bulls eye!" She screamed.

Dusk was kneeled on the floor, gasping for air. He rubbed his head, gritting his teeth.

"What was that?" Dusk growled.

"A frypan." March chimed, rocking on the heels.

"Pathway..." He warned.

"Yes Dusk?" March asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes.

"I-" Israel kicked Dusk in the face, sending him spiraling to the wall across from March's room. March darted to the frypan on the ground, scooping it up.

March smiled, and proceeded with firmly wacking Dusk on the back of his head with the frypan.

Dusk collapsed, his breathing shallow.

Aquila walked to Dusk, looking at the dump that was already forming on his head.

"March...How much muscle to you have...?"

March grinned, and showed Aquila her arms, which had virtually no muscle on them. March laughed at the way her friends face bent into a shocked expression.

March shook a bit with laughter, but managed to ask- "What should we do with him?"


Dusk doubled over in pain, making Aquila jump. Dusk dug into his pockets, searching for a serum that will prevent his transformation. Dusk was shaking violently, and he started to kneel upwards.

March took quick steps back, reaching down to grab her frypan.

And Dusk's hand shot out and latched onto hers.

March screamed, jumping back, but her hand still trapped by Dusk.

"You..." He hissed. "Are going to be the first one i kill."

"Wha...?" March whispered.

" look too much like her!" Dusk shouted, moving his other hand to pull away his skin. Israel's foot snaked out, hitting Dusk in the gut, letting his grip loosen on March and letting her back away.

"Run!" He barked.

March shifted into the small main coon as she ran, keeping low to the ground. He hackles were raised, her tail straight out to gain more speed.

She ran into another hallway, pumping her legs, gaining speed. She ran down some stairs, slowly growing lost. She had never been this way before, and she was growing worried. Was Dusk close behind her?
March sprinted into a smaller room, shifting into a human and flicking on the light. The light shone on all the battle equipment, the small battle storage cramped. March whent to the nearest rack of weapons, having left her dagger and frypan in her room. She picked up an axe, testing its weight and grunting with effort. Nuh uh. That wouldn't do.

March hurridly picked weapons at random, trying to find one that suited her. She looked at a long case that could hold a lacross stick. March zipped it open, and her eyes widened with joy. She took the sword out of the case, testing it. She grinned. Bingo!

Dusk tore into the room, his newly shucked skin gleaming. March swung the sword around, gripping it tightly. Dusk took a step towards her, his eyes wild.

"There...There...Vampire..." March said. "Do you...want a cookie?"

Dusk growled, his ears twitching.

"No? Okay, well thats fine...are you allergic? I once knew a kid who was allergic to chacolate, poor kid..."

Dusk bared his fangs, stepping closer to March.

"Oh! Not that theres anything wrong with being allergic to chacolate, theres still vanila. And, in your case, bloo- strawberry. I said meant strawberry." March said, randomly saying whatever was on her mind. "But anyway, why do you want to eat- uh, kill me anyway? I mean, before that bacame a hobby of yours, i dont think i ever did anything to anger you...does it have to do with my family-"

Dusk sprang at the word family, March spinning out of the way.

March held up a hand, still gripping the sword. "Woah!" she yelled. "Looks like i touched a nerve...does this happen often to you? Situations like this?"

Dusk pounced on March, forcing her against the wall, his breath smelled like carion and blood. Dusk hit March's head against the wall, making her see stars.

March wimpered, her sword hanging uselessly against the wall.

Dusk bent in, his teeth sharp.

Then...March's leg shot out, catching Dusk by surprise. He tumbled back a inch, allowing March to slip away. She ran out of the room, holding the sword and trying to remember a time she hadn't been as terrified as that moment.

March then stopped abruptly in her tracks. She looked down at the sword in her hand. Tears sprung to her eyes, but March blinked then away. She continued to run, remembering her mom.

Her mom.


He wrapped his arm around his flaming haired daughter, a album of pictures between them. The air was warm, the air of the park laid back, with couples taking walks and people boating on the lake.
He pointed to a picture of a woman with sparkling blue eyes, and long, flaming hair, much like her daughters.

"This," he said. "Is your mother. She is the most powerful shapeshifter i ever met. She could shift into anything anyone commanded, and someone once said she could change into things she handn't seen, she only had the description. She was kind, light-hearted, and always had a reason for things."

The little girl traced her mothers smile with her finger.

The man looked at his daughter lovingly, stroking her hair. "I want you to be as strong and as kind as her. Weather you choose to be a elemental, like me, or a shapeshifter, like your mother, i still want you to try your hardest at everything."

He looked at his daughter, who was almost a complete replica of her mother, all except for her opinions. She freely spoke her opinions, even at the age of six, and she always wondered at what her future would

be like. What path she would take in her life.
The man smiled, then spoke his daughters first name. "Zoey."


Those memories always sprung up at the oddest times, taking March by surprise. They stayed tucked
away until she was most vulnerable, the weakest.

March tripped, but kept her footing and continued to run. She was completely lost now, the hallways new.

'How big is Elysium Asylum?' She wondered.

March had been running for awile, huffing along. For exackt how long, she didn't know.

March crashed into a person. Or rather, thing. Vampire number three grabbed her by her shoulders, smiling.

"Ah. Dusk was looking for you." he said.

March thrashed around, slashing the sword down vampire nunber three's leg.

Vampire number three cursed, throwing March into the wall.

"I'm not going to bring you to him." He said. "I am merely giving a message."

March winced, her head pounding.

"Dusk said- 'We'll fight again when you actually know why i want to kill you. First hint, It has to do with your mother. That acursed woman. Hope i get to kill you soon, Dusk.' "

March stared at vampire number three. "Thats an odd thing to sighn at the bottom of a letter."

"Dusk said it, not me." He shrugged. "Anyway, Aruvoir!" vampire number three ran away, after tilting his head in goodbye.

"Great." March groaned. "He's French."

March slumped to the ground, laying the sword on the ground next to her. She hugged her head in her arms, trying to calm the pounding.

"Mom..." March whispered. "Please Come back..."

March sunk until she was laying curled in a ball, and let the darkness overcome her.


Dragona Pine sunk one of his two katana swords into the nearest of the six vampires that surrounded Kallista and him. Dragona struck the vampire to the right with his elbow, and followed with hitting the vampire on his left in the same way. Dragona swung his katana's in a circle, and dug them into the vampires.

Bringing the blood coated katanas out of the vampires, Dragona turned to see Kallista staring at him with a hand on her hip, the other three vampires in a heap behind her.

"What took you so long?" She asked.

"You finished before me?" Dragona scoffed. "Impossible."

"Ah, but it is..." Kallista mused, looking at the vampires.

A fox tore down the hallway, Israel close behind. Kallista and Dragona stood there, looking like idiots.

"I think we should follow them." Kallista finally said.

"It did look like something urgent." Dragona agreed.

The two ran after Israel and the Aquila-Fox, growing speed and trying to keep up.

Dragona and Kallista turned the corner, and came face to face with...


Kallista and Dragona both summoned flames, expecting a fight.

However, Dusk ran by, growling and drooling like an animal. For a second time, Dragona and Kallista stood there, looking like idiots.

"I am so holding that immage aggainst him one day." Kallista said.

"We'll both."

"We should catch up with Aquila and Israel."

"And we shall."


"Yeah. Eventually."

The two ran for a bit, then stopped.

Kallista leaned agaist the wall. "This seems like a filler that a author would put in a story because he or she cant come up with anything else."

"But, were not in a book." Dragona pointed out.

"How do you know for sure?"

Dragona laughed. "I think I'd know if i were in a story!"

"Well, if we really are, people are going to laugh at you bacause its so ironic."

"But were not in a book."


Haha. well anyway...

I'm going somwehere for spring break in a few days, so i wont come on or respond to anything in a bit. until i find wifi that is...!

so ask alot of questions when im gone! i wanna look foreward to something when i come back!

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  1. Awesome! I really like how we go into March's past a little.

  2. LOL Brilliant and wonderful writing Mar! Very exciting. Love the funny bits with the frying pan, cookies, French vampire, and Dragona and I looking like idiots! LOL
    Great part with her past. Very clever!
    BRAVO Mar!

  3. LoL love the last part xD
    This is awesome! Please continue! :DD

  4. Hahaha! Fantastic! I love it! HILARIOUS! :D So marvelous! So ... GREAT! :D I can't wait for more!!!

    Let's see... um questions

    If you were eating dinner, which was ham and cheese sandwiches, and you turned into a pig, would you still eat it?

    Is peanut butter AWESOME?!?!

    Is Mar's mother going to be in it more?

    Did you know that it's "if I WAS in a story" instead of were? :P

    Do you like cookie bars?

    Isn't watermelon delicious?

    Am I making you hungry?

    Are you/did you enjoy your vacation?

    Have you ever had a giant tree in the middle of you yard named Big Bob?

    What other language do you most want to learn?

    Does your eye color stay the same regardless of currant species?

    How many dogs do you specifically remember being afraid of at one time or another?

    Have you ever gone into space and seen a chicken?

    Have you read my fan-fic? ~narrows eyes~

    Don't you agree 42 is an important number?

    What is time?

    Do chocolate jelly beans have less artificial color because chocolate is already brown?

    Is Steve a pretty name?

    Is that enough questions? :P

  5. :DD This is epic! I love it!

    I'm smiling so much right now, as i do after an awesome tale. I love the part where she sees the future cos of Israel, and then casually throws the frying pan through the door and into Dusk's face. Made me laugh heaps.

    And then the part with Kal and Dragona xD

    So cool.

    My question: How old are you? Because you're an amazingly talented writer.

    And do you use an iPod touch like me? Or an iPad like Jaffa? If so, what app are you using for writing? I use the 'My Writing Spot' one.

    Wow, so much talent is found here. Also, great work depicting Elysium Asylum.

  6. Sorry!

    i know vat vere waz a LOT of suspense in vat story, but i couldn't really concentrate coz i kept laughing.......


    any who, iz Dusk and March's mum enemies or.....IZ HE MARCH'S DAD?!

    ..ok, vat's ridiculous...but still!

    oh, and cn i b added? weather it's in a picture or story..i don't really mind! :P

    ..and i'm gonna put u in my fanfic! if u like it or NOT!


  7. ...trying 2 pick out some of mah favourite parts...



    1. "what was that?"
    "A frying pan!"

    2. "There ther you want a cookie?"

    3. "There's vanilla and bl-STARWBERRY! I meant strawberry!"

    4. And then, of course, Kal and Dragona @ v end...

    Those r only some that i found skimming over it!


    oh, and questions! :D

    1. cats or dogs?

    2. zombies or vampires?

    3. Do you like JB?

    (if u said yes to number 3) 4. HOW COULD YOU?!

    5. favourite line from SP?

    6. Favourite emoticon?

    7. uh............favourite evil guy from SP?


    vat's it!

    show's over!